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Are you looking for someone to inspire and move you?
Someone who will involve the audience, interact with it and render it alive?

Yvette is a charismatic lecturer, creative and resourceful. Yvette brings forth her messages through stories and myths in a theatrical fashion.

These are a few of the topics Yvette lectures and gives workshops on:

Women, Healing, Coexistence
Lecture and Workshop by Yvette Nahmia-Messinas, MA

In Women, Healing, Coexistence Yvette shares her experience at the Joint Venture for Peace. Through poems that describe an Israeli and Palestinian women's gathering across borders, backgrounds and religions to co-create businesses and weave peace

In Women, Healing, Co-Existance we set on a healing journey combining poetry, reiki and creative visualization. We realize that women can be a bridge and a healing force between the two people and that despite our national and cultural differences we share the same values of cooperation, respect for each other, and willingness to live together in peace and prosperity.

Selected poems that describe woman to woman connection, communication and cooperation are recited by participants while Yvette shares the stories behind them. Yvette involves the participants in sharing their own acts of reconciliation and closes with a guided visualization on peace and coexistence.

The contribution The lecture instils hope, inspiration and optimism. It activates participants to be part of the solution by having an attitude of openness, communication and cooperation.

Yvette has lectured and performed this Workshop at the following venues:

>> Pardes Institute for Jewish Studies, May 2010
>> IPCRI education conference, Bet Jalla, March 2010
>> Reed College, Portland, Oregon, February 2010
>> In Other Words, Feminist Bookstore, Portland, Oregon, February 2010
>> Association for Women in Psychology conference, Portland, Oregon, February 2010
>> The Peres NGO Forum Annual Bilateral Conference, January 2010
>> Yamei Shira Bamidbar Poetry Festival, Sde Boker, January 2010
>> Poetry Marathon, Bet Asofer, Tel Aviv, December 2009
>> Women's Forum, Ben Gurion University, December 2009

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