My healing journey

It is hard to pinpoint what was the occasion that set off my healing journey. In retrospect I regard as the starting point my decision to honour my heart and listen to its calling. That entailed dropping studies towards a BA in Economics in Jerusalem to pursue instead a BA in Psychology in Athens. Once I had made the decision to honour my heart’s wishes my healing journey started unfolding before my eyes.
Upon completing my studies in Psychology, I had an urge to delve into my Jewish identity. I enrolled at Pardes Institute of Jewish Studies in Jerusalem where I studied for the first time Bible, Mishna, Midrash and Talmud. Getting to know these texts reconnected me to my ancestral cultural and spiritual heritage.

At that time I also became a client in process work, the Grinberg Method. In the weekly sessions I had with my coach I was assisted in seeing my strengths and weaknesses, worked on expanding my options in life and not living life on "automatic gear" and the "registries" I had made as a child.

In parallel to the Grinberg Method I joined a co-counselling group in 1996. That led to the creation of a women’s support group along with group members Shlomit Israeli and Hagit Meshorer on the following year.
The women's support group worked miracles in my life and gave me the power to create my life according to my wildest dreams and wishes.
Today I am a mother of three daughters and work in teaching, healing and writing that I love.

Picture: Sofia Kouvanidou