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But WHY? Why healing?

Our world is in need of healing. People, animals, plants, the earth, the air is in need of healing. Our beliefs and attitudes are in need of healing. Our communal attachment to the paradigm of "the stronger wins" is in need of healing. As we heal the old paradigm and the pain and conflict it caused we make room for the healthier paradigm of "let us cooperate so that we all win." By cooperating and joining forces towards creating our ideal community, we regain our vision of what is possible, and purpose.

In Y healing, I share with you my healing journey and my healing tools. As I grow, I discover that my healing impact grows too. From being solely a one to one healer, in Reiki and the Grinberg Method, I have expanded my scope to communal healing. Since returning to Israel in August 2008, I am involved in healing Israeli-Palestinian Relations. I combine my knowledge of Reiki along with my poetry and creative visualization and through experiential workshops assist Israelis and Palestinians heal their attitudes and beliefs about each other. I facilitate dialogue, connection and communication between the two people.

In Y healing, I also present my creative projects in writing. My latest collection of poems titled "They All Sound Like Love Songs, Women, Healing Israeli-Palestinian Relations" published in Israel by Ktav Publishing House. Here you will also find the themes I love to hold workshops on and the educational and healing services I offer to groups and individuals.

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