Circles of Blessing

When pregnant to my first daughter, I was invited to join a pre-birth baby shower. The love and support experienced at that Circle of Blessing urged me to create a Circle of Blessing for myself as well as other women. 

In my “shower” of blessings I felt like being embraced by grace. Who wouldn’t agree to being supported by wonderful women in song, prayer, blessing and love before giving birth? The experience reconnected me to the ancient woman art and wisdom of woman-to-woman empowerment.

I have led Circles of Blessing for my family and friends. I ask the participants in advance to prepare a blessing in the form of a song, poem, prayer, or play and bring into the circle their own “gifts” and talents. Participants delight in each others “gifts” and come out of the circle feeling touched and blessed.

Circles of Blessing may be created around life cycle themes such as pregnancy, birth, birthdays, wedding anniversaries, a child leaving home for college, entering a new house and many others.

Contact Yvette to lead a Circle of Blessing for you.