Yvettes's Reiki teachers

I got acquainted with Reiki through my first Reiki teacher and healer Bat Sheva Peretz.

I went to Bat Sheva for a Reiki treatment after being energetically depleted following a miscarriage. Bat Sheva treated me with Reiki which replenished my energies and suggested I should learn Reiki in order to treat myself daily as a recharging, self-healing technique. I agreed and in March 2001 I was initiated to the first degree by Master Bat Sheva Peretz in Jerusalem.

In March 2002 I gave birth to a healthy baby.

In 2003 I received the second degree initiation by Bat Sheva Peretz in Jerusalem.

In 2005 I received the Master degree by Reiki Master Sarantis Haloulos in Athens.

I am grateful to my teachers Bat Sheva Peretz and Sarantis Haloulos for all they have given me through the years