Grinberg Method

The Grinberg Method teaches people, how they can end or change self-constructed suffering or limitations.
It can teach you how you can tap into your strengths and talents. It can teach you to become conscious of automatic patterns of behaviour that limit you and how to stop them.

What is special about the Grinberg Method is that it teaches the client to be a student of herself, pay attention to her body and the different sensations that come up at the session rather than being a passive receiver of the healing. The client in this method participates in the session and is asked to be fully present physically and mentally so that s/he becomes conscious of what is going on in her body. Be able to see it, experience it and stop or change it. These can be physical conditions, tensions, pains, limitations in activities of the body, like for example, breathing or digestion, but also stressful situations or other encumbering behaviours or situations in life. Further areas of application are the support in the process of recovering after accidents or illnesses, but also the stimulation of special qualities or talents. It is a preventive technique to increase the person's well-being.

The diagnosis is reached through a foot analysis and a discussion during which the process's focus is chosen around which the sessions are then built. The tools the Grinberg coach uses with his/her clients are touch, movement, breathing, attention to the body, techniques of description and different exercises.

The Grinberg Method does not solve your problems, but it teaches you, how you can find your own means and ways to increase your well-being.
Yvette has been a client of the Grinberg Method for a couple of years, has studied the method for two years and has been practicing it since 2001. Yvette is a certified Grinberg Method coach (1st level).
Yvette’s clinic is located in Plakakia, Aegina, a 15 minute walk from Aegina town. Her clinic is open Monday to Friday from 10:00 to 14:00.

For an appointment please contact Yvette at:
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