Dr. Elias Messinas, Int'l. Assoc.AIA Architect, Educator, Entrepreneur & Environmental Consultant Founding Chairman of ECOWEEK

Elias Messinas is a graduate of the Yale School of Architecture, Bezalel Academy, and the National Technical University of Athens. He also attended an M.Sc. on Environment and Development at NTUA and has conducted research at the Ben Gurion University in the Negev on passive-solar retrofits. He teaches sustainable design at the Holon Institute of Technology and workshops at universities around the world. He is the author of numerous articles, catalogues, two books, and the co-editor of ECOWEEK The Book#1 featuring 50 articles on sustainable design by architects from 15 countries. Elias has lectured widely and has exhibited his work, research and travel sketchbooks in Europe, Israel, and the US. Elias is the founding chairman and coordinator of international NGO ECOWEEK based in Greece with an international outreach.

ECOAMA collaborates with professionals, young professionals, students and teams of experts in different fields of design, engineering, environmental evaluation, and materials, to provide a creative approach to each project, context, site and program, seeking the best possible solution for each project.

Among our PARTNERS and/or TEAM MEMBERS are: KARD Architects, Greece | Ishai Hanoun, Landscape Design, Israel | GREENAPP, Israel | Galia Hanoch-Roe, Landscape Architect, Israel | Antonis Gavalas, Architect, Greece | Thomas Doxiadis (doxiadis+) Architect and Landscape Architect, Greece | Heidi Arad, Architect, Israel | Natalia Pantelidou, Landscape Architect, Greece | Dan Reuveni, Architect, Israel | Dan Price, Architect, Israel | Evangelia Chrysikou (Syn-Thesis), Greece | Petros Koufopoulos, Architect, Greece