"The camera is a tool for idlers, who use a machine to do their seeing for them."
Le Corbusier

Color and light; Sketches and drawings; Experiences, images and thoughts; This is what has been recorded in Elias' sketchbooks over the years. Elias has been travelling and sketching since he was a student of Architecture in 1986. He travelled to Italy, Spain, Israel, Egypt, Germany, the US, the UK, and Greece.

He exhibited his sketchbooks for the first time at the Front Gallery of the A&A Building at Yale School of Architecture in 1992, then at the Athens College Theater (Greece) in 1994, and at the Jerusalem Theater (Israel) in 2002. Between March 2014 and March 2015, Elias' sketchbook from his travels in Italy in the early 1980s is on display at the exhibition 'Journeys' at the Israel Museum in Jerusalem.

Elias' sketches have been published in Israel and the US. Some of Elias' sketchbooks can also be viewed online. In 2014 Elias posted an article on Linkedin titled 'Learning from the Master and the Village' which also includes some sketches from his travel sketchbooks in Greece, Italy, Israel and Egypt.

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'Elias, these look really good (...) Your sketchbooks (the images I see) are more painterly and less "architectonic." That puts them well above other architect's travel sketches. I'm not sure I agree with Corbu about the camera being for "idlers" but I see why he wrote it.' David Jameson (ArchiTech Gallery)

(Image to the left): "Sunday walk in the Plaka. I look at the carved marbles scattered on the ground near the Tower of the Winds... stones carved by a craftsman that has long past away together with his craft... I keep on walking and I constantly find myself under the Acropolis. I am in love with this part of Athens; the part of the ghosts; the part of nostalgia; the part of day-dreaming. The Acropolis has become like a point of reference to my explorations." Plaka, Athens (Greece, July 18, 1993)