ECOAMA was established by Dr. Elias Messinas, Int'l. Assoc.AIA Architect, and expert in sustainable design and green buildings. ECOAMA offers architectural design and consulting services to private and public clients. ECOAMA puts attention to the needs of the client and provides the best possible solution at the highest possible quality and services.

"The new drawings got us all excited! I think that this is what we had in mind from the very beginning!

Buildings are very complicated organisms. This is why we give them the best possible attention. Although drafting a plan or organizing a room may seem simple, the real essence of Architecture is in the quality of the space, the balance between elements, spaces or colors, and the spirit it creates for people and for a place. Architecture is certainly about funtionality, and budget, and dealing with given constraints and limitations. But its essence lies beyond simple functionality. Very much like a doctor or a surgon, an architect is an expert, and our clients receive no less than the services of an expert - whether a private apartment, a house or a public building or public space.

"Youi're good! ... you must have a seventh sense. Thanks for the explanations ... we're heading in a good direction.

We work closely with our clients in a process of cooperation and involvement, in order to best understand their needs and desires and to realize them through our design and/or consulting services. Our work process is interactive and participatory and we invite the client to be involved in all stages, and in all decision making.

"Beautiful! This is it!

We respond to the historic and cultural context and we learn from the genius loci of each place.

"It is amazing how you thought of everything. Even the slightest detail. The space for the children is great!

We care for the environment and we integrate this care into our practice, both in our designs and in the advise we offer to our clients.

"Everything is fine! We love the apartment!

We also invest time and energy in our community raising environmental issues, and we help and guide other architects - especially young professionals and students - become environmentally and socially conscious in their designs and practice, and to benefit their communities - see and

"I encourage you to do the work you are doing to change people's minds (you changed mine!). I am so grateful to have attended last week's ECOWEEK!

We count many happy clients living now in beautiful and healthy homes.

Our clients include:


Jewish Community of Thessaloniki
Pireos Bank
Eurobank Property Services
Municipality of Aegina
Municipality of Veroia
CO2 Green Office, Athens
XPress Design, Athens
Irides Green Villas, Aegina
ISLE Development Co.
Tritex Ltd, Athens
Medi-Terra Ltd, Aegina
Ozzi Jewelry Shop, Kolonaki, Athens
Jewish Community of Halkis
The Jewish Museum of Greece, Athens
Futurekids, P. Faliro
Giakoumakis Real Estate
Private clients in Athens, Aegina, Peloponesse, Halkis, Pagrati, and N. Ertythraia


Ministry of Environmental Protection
Israel Chemicals
Mifal Hapais
Community Centers Jerusalem Company
Mei Mabuah Ecological Organization
Interfranchise (Israel) Ltd
Holon Institute of Technology
Bnei Shimon Regional Council
Brener Regional Council
Misgav Regional Council
Ramat Hanegev Regional Council
Municipality of Ashkelon
Municipality of Givat Zeev
Municipality of Hurah
Municipality of Pardes Hannah
Moshav Zur Moshe
Kibbutz Kramim
Mevoot Hanegev High School
Sephardic Educational Center (Jerusalem)
Haifa University
Bezalel Academy
Holon Institute of Technology (HIT)
Sami Shamoon College of Engineering
Greek Community of Jerusalem
Moshe Margalith Architects and Town Planners
Markuse Architects
Shlomo Hayat Architect
Meyer Architects
Netanel Haziza Architect
Private clients in Jerusalem, Yemin Moshe, German Colony, Mevasseret, Beit Tzafafa, Ashkelon, Meitar, and Eshtaol


City College, Larnaka
Private clients in Larnaka


Sephardic Educational Center (Beverly Hills)
Private clients in New Haven, CT

We look forward to hearing from you and to creating together the next successful 'green' project.