Table of Contents
Memorial Exhibition in Veroia by Dr. Elias Messinas, Jerusalem  
Greek Historical Archives: The Efforts of the Service of Historical Archives in the Preservation and Presentation of the History of the Greek Jews by Stelios Zachariou, Athens
Kavala Jews remembered by Alexander Avraham
Remembering the Jews of Corfu By Marcia Haddad Ikonomopoulos
The Greek Jews in Baltimore By Richard Glaser - 4.01
Photo Exhibition in Europe
Jewish historian honored
Conference at Haifa University
Greek Center in Jerusalem
Paideia Chapter in Jerusalem
Sephardic Center in Jerusalem
MJSA Conference at Spertus
Greek Sephardic Passover

Become a partner in the preservation of the Jewish monuments of Greece

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Editorial by Elias V. Messinas 
Welcome to the new issue of Kol haKEHILA! Kol haKEHILA in cooperation with the Hellenic Society Paideia in the United States, launched a fund-raising effort towards the funding of the permanent exhibition inside the synagogue in Veroia, Greece. We have set for ourselves the very difficult goal of opening the exhibition in May 2003, to mark 60 years from the date that the Jews of Veroia were deported and killed in the Holocaust. This date also marks 60 years since the families of Mordohai, Daniel and others survived the deportation thanks to the help of their Christian neighbors and friends. We ask for your support. Your support to make this exhibition a reality; to honor and preserve the memory of the ancient community of Veroia, those you were killed, those who survived, and those who put their lives in danger to save lives. You will find a special form inside this issue. Please fill it out and mail it to Kol haKEHILA with your contribution. In this issue I offer a short review of the fund-raising effort for Veroia. Stelios Zachariou describes the efforts of the Hellenic Ministry of Foreign Affairs concerning the preservation and presentation of the history of Greek Jews; Alexander Avraham describes the efforts of Sabethay Tchimino of Kavala to commemorate the Jews of his town; Marcia Haddad Ikonomopoulos offers glimpses into the history of the Jews of Corfu and the establishment of a Holocaust monument in Corfu; Richard Glaser presents the Greek Jews who live in Baltimore. News on the Jews of Greece include an exhibition on the Jews of Greece in Strasbourg, France; a "Jewish Diaspora - Hellenic Diaspora" conference at Haifa University; the MJSA annual conference with a section including Greek synagogues; and a pre-Passover meeting on Greek Sephardic customs and traditions for Passover. We extend our appreciation and gratitude to our sponsors Julio and Dolly Botton, from Salonika and Kavala, respectively, who live in Mexico. We welcome our new subscribers and thank our loyal subscribers, who make it possible for Kol haKEHILA to continue its difficult, but rewarding, path. We thank our readers who contributed to this issue, especially, Prof. Carol Krinsky, Elias Tomazos, Irene & Elias Alexandrou, Itzhak Kerem, and Leon Saltiel. We wish our readers Happy Passover and Happy Easter!

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