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PROGRAM MONDAY, MARCH 26TH,2001 16.30-GATHERING - AUDITORIUM, MUSEUM HECHT 17.00- 19.45 OPENING SESSION CHAIRPERSON: PROF. MINNA ROZEN Opening Remarks: Prof. Maria Efthymiou, Athens University GREETINGS: PROF. AHARON BEN-ZEEV, RECTOR, HAIFA UNIVERSITY MR. STELIOS A. PAPADIMITRIOU, PRESIDENT, ALEXANDER S. ONASSIS PUBLIC BENEFIT FOUNDATION H.E. MR. CONSTANTINE MITZIALIS, AMBASSADOR OF THE HELLENIC REPUBLIC IN ISRAEL H.E. MR. RAN CURIEL, AMBASSADOR OF ISRAEL AT THE HELLENIC REPUBLIC Keynote Speeches: Prof. Avi`ezer Ravitzky, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem Prof. Pascalis M. Kitromilides, University of Athens/ Director of the Neo-Hellenic Studies Research Centre, National Hellenic Research Foundation 20.00- Concert Tuesday, March 27th, 2001 AUDITORIUM, MUSEUM HECHT 9.30 - 11.30, Morning session, part one: Chairperson: Dr. Gershon Galil, Haifa University 1.Characters of Ancient Greek Colonization Dr.Louisa D. Loukopoulou, Research Centre for Greek and Roman Antiquity/National Hellenic Research Foundation 2.Exile - The Biblical Perspective Prof. Bustenay Oded, Haifa University 3.Western Greek Colonies under the Roman Ruler Prof. Panagiotis Doukellis, Ionian University 11.30-11.45, Coffee break 11.45-13.30 Morning session, part two: Chairperson: Dr. Menahem Mor, Haifa University 1. Hellenic/Hellenistic communities in Eretz-Israel and Jewish Communities in the Helleno-Roman World Prof. Uriel Rappaport, Haifa University 2. Jewish Presence in Maritime Cities of the Eastern Mediterranean during Graeco- Roman Times -Evidence and Implications Dr. Nadav Kashtan, Haifa University 3. The Jewish Politeuma: A pattern of Jewish Communal Life in the Greco-Roman Diaspora Prof. Aryeh Kasher, Tel Aviv University 13.30-15.00:Lunch break 15.00-17.00: Afternoon session Chairperson: Dr. Jenny Horowitz, Haifa University 1.Between Centre and Periphery - Emissaries from Palestine to the Hellenic Diaspora Dr. Ruth Lamdan, Tel Aviv University 2.Collective expatriations of the Greeks (15th-17th cent.) Prof. Anastassia Papadia-Lala, University of Athens 3.Central and Peripheral Communities in the Greek Diaspora: Interlocal and Local Economic-Political-Culture Networks in the 18-th-19th centuries Prof. Olga Katsiardi-Hering, University of Athens Wednesday ,March 28th,2001, Rabin Gallery, Rabin Building 9.30-11.30: Morning session ,Part one Chairperson: Prof. Yossi Ben-Artzi 1.Reshaping community, identity making and power relations in the Christian Orthodox Communities of the late Ottoman Era Prof. Haris Exertzoglou, University of the Aegean 2.Greek Diaspora in Southern Russia (18th-19th cent.) Prof. Vassilis Kardassis, Ionian University 3.The Greek Diaspora in Venice Prof. Chryssa Maltezou, University of Athens/Director of the Hellenic Institute for Byzantine and Post Byzantine Studies in Venice 11.30-11.45 : Coffee break 11.45-13.30: Morning session, Part two Chairperson: Dr. Haya Bar-Yizhak, Haifa University 1. "Greek Diaspora" Reconsidered: Reflections on the Study of the Greek Settlement in Vienna :18th throught19th Centuries Ms. Vassiliki Seirinidou, University of Athens 2.Jewish Culture in Its Polish Context : An Indian Perspective Dr. Adam Teller, Haifa University 3.The Greekness of Romaniote Jewry Dr. Julia Krivoruchko, Haifa University 13.30-15.00 : Lunch break 15.00-17.00: Afternoon session Chairperson: Prof. Butrus Abu-Manneh, Haifa University 1.Hellenism Between an Ecumenical and a National Centre: from Constantinople to Athens Prof. Paraskevas Konortas, Ionian University 2.Greek Orthodox Church networks and Arab Nationalism in the Eastern Mediterranean 1899-1967 Dr. Sotiris Roussos, Panteion University, Athens 3. Spain, Greece or Jerusalem? The Yearning for a Motherland in the Poetry of Greek Jews Dr. Samuel Refael, Bar Ilan University/ Head of the Program for Ladino Literature Thursday, March 29th, 2001 Rabin Gallery, Rabin Building 9.30-12.00 :Morning session Chairperson: Prof. Sophia Menashe, Haifa University 1.Periphery or Centre: American Zionists in the Forties Dr. Zohar Segev, Haifa University 2.Who is the Centre and Who the Periphery: Yiddish Writers in the United States and the State of Israel (1950's) Dr. Rachel Rojansky, Haifa University 3. The Families of the Argentine Desaparecidos and the State of Israel Dr. Efraim Zadoff , Jerusalem 4.The Diaspora Museum in Tel Aviv: Presenting Exile to a Nation State Prof. Dina Porat, Tel Aviv University/ Head of Department of the History of the Jewish People 12.00-14.00 :Lunch break 14.00-16.00:Afternoon session: Chairperson: Prof. Kais Firro, Haifa University 1.Israel's "Law of Return" Dr. Yfaat Weiss, Haifa University 2.From Diaspora to Transnationalism : Revisiting concepts, analytical frameworks and historical experiences of dispersion Dr. Ioanna Laliotou, University of Thessaly 3.Jewish Diaspora Reconsidered Dr. Daniel Gutwein, Haifa University 16.00 -16.30: Coffee break 16.30-18.30: ROUND TABLE Prof. Yosef Gorni, Tel Aviv University, Prof. Gavriel Shefer, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Dr. Ioanna Laliotou, University of Thessaly, Prof. Maria Efthimiou, University of Athens.

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