Table of Contents
Kol haKEHILA three years later by Dr. Elias Messinas, Jerusalem  
Jewish Museum in Salonika Thessaloniki, Greece
Exhibition on Greek Jews by Zanet Batinou, Athens
Sephardic Educational Center A report by Jose Nessim, MD, Beverly Hills, CA
Exhibition in Veroia
Art Exhibtion
Elections in Athens
Jewish Old Age Home

Become a partner in the preservation of the Jewish monuments of Greece

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Editorial by Elias V. Messinas 
Welcome to the new issue of Kol haKEHILA! Kol haKEHILA is closing three years of its publication; three years of hard work to bring the Greek Jewish reality to our readers all over the world. This issue marks a big change in the life of Kol haKEHILA: starting from the next issue, the newsletter will continue only in electronic form. The newsletter which you have been receiving on a permanent basis four times a year, will be discontinued. All news, articles, announcements, and activity of Kol haKEHILA and the Jews of Greece will continue to be posted in our growing and enriched website open and accessible to all our readers. Our address remains the same: Itís been a very fruitful period of three years; it was a difficult start, but quickly you, our readers, embraced our effort with warmth and support. You have joined our effort from all over the world. Greek Jews living all over the globe have contacted us, have supported our activity and newsletter, have shared their news and experiences, have informed us and have informed our readers. Kol haKEHILA has become a global community (kehila) which cares for and supports the preservation of the Jewish heritage of Greece, and Kol haKEHILA has become its voice (kol)! We know that some of you, without internet access, will have difficulty reading us. We sincerely hope that your friends who will keep being informed by us, who will download our images and print our web pages, will share all this information with you. Visit Kol haKEHILA online! Visit our numerous web pages, which are growing every day, with news, genealogical search and information, historical information, numerous images of Jewish sites in Greece, numerous images of people with their stories and news, and more! We are the only and richest resource on Greek Jewry on the web, and will continue our efforts in bringing to your fingertips everything that is relevant to the Greek Jewish history, heritage, architecture and genealogy. The richest resource accessible to all! Our subscribers are welcome to renew your subscription, to support the growth, maintenance, and expansion of Kol haKEHILA online, and to make it possible for others to enjoy, learn, be informed and find relatives through Kol haKEHILA online numerous web pages. Your subscription will no longer include a hard copy of Kol haKEHILA, but will include a set of our unique greeting cards depicting the synagogues of Greece. Send us your news, history, genealogical information and stories! We will gladly post it on Kol haKEHILA online - please send information only in electronic messages at In this issue, I offer an overview on a personal level of the activity of Kol haKEHILA during the last three years and the contribution it made in the preservation of the Jewish heritage of Greece; Zanet Battinou presents the exhibition on the Jews of Greece held at Strasbourg; and Dr. Jose Nessim presents the activity and programs of the Sephardic Educational Center in Jerusalem, North and South America. News on the Jews of Greece includes the opening of the new Jewish museum in Salonika, and progress in the exhibition for the Jews of Veroia, at the synagogue of Veroia. New books include "Flares of Memory" on the Holocaust, and "Historic Cities and Sacred Sites" by the World Bank. We welcome our new subscribers! We thank our readers who contributed to this issue, especially, Prof. Carol Krinsky, Dr. Jose Nessim, Zanet Battinou, and the Jewish Community of Salonika (Thessaloniki).

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