Table of Contents
Short History of the Jews of Veroia by Dr. Elias Messinas, Jerusalem  
The Jews of Veroia are no more by Dr. Joseph Stroumptsas, Thessaloniki 
Jewish Shops in Veroia in 1921 by
Dr. Elias Messinas, Jerusalem
Memories of Jewish Veroia by Myriam Mordohai, Ramat Aviv
Hiding Veroia Jews in Katania
by George Giannopoulos, Veroia
Letters: Veroia
by Isaac M. Daniel
Letters: Veroia by Isaac A. Meir
New Books on Greek Jewry
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Salonika President Honored
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Greek Scholar Honored
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Old Age Home of Athens
Holocaust Monument in Corfu
Sephardic Holocaust Memoirs
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Editorial by Elias V. Messinas 
Welcome to the new issue of Kol haKEHILA! Although we, like many of our readers, are concerned with the situation in the Middle East, we pursue our work with the same dedication as before. Our web site is growing to include new information on Jewish sites in Greece, genealogy, and a new format that makes searching more friendly and easy. Events scheduled for this year include a lecture series in Florida, Rhode Island, Connecticut and New York on the Jews of Greece and the preservation of the synagogues in Greece This issue is dedicated to the Jews of Veroia. Five years ago I began my efforts towards the preservation of the synagogue, a jewel of 19th century local vernacular architecture. I helped the local municipality to secure two grants from the Getty Grant Program in Santa Monica, CA. These grants allowed us to study the building in detail, and to prepare a comprehensive conservation program. In 1997 the local municipality, which is responsible for the upkeep of the building, completed the conservation of the exterior. This year we are increasing our efforts to complete the conservation work in the interior, and to create a permanent exhibition inside the synagogue on the history of the Jews of Veroia. I would like to acknowledge and thank the Hellenic Society Paideia, and its President Elias Tomazos, for their pledge to support the creation of this exhibition. In this issue I give a short history of the Jews of Veroia; Dr. Joseph Stroumptsas and Miriam Mordohai share their experience in surviving the Holocaust in Veroia; George Giannopoulos shares a story of a Jewish family hiding in the mountains; and, letters by Isaac Daniel, Harold and Sarah Spector, and Isaac Meir about Veroia are presented. We thank our readers who helped with this issue, especially Prof. Carol Krinsky, Marcia Haddad Ikonomopoulos, Leon Saltiel, Dr. Michael Matsas, and Yossi Mor. Kol haKEHILA wishes all our readers Happy New Year 2001!

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