Table of Contents
Hebrew University honors Greek President  
Greek Studies at Hebrew University  
Central Board to Conserve Greek Jewish Sites by Dr. Samuel Gruber  
Conference on Greek Jewish Monuments by Raphael Frezis  
Awards of Moral Courage by Asher Matathias  
Greek Rescuer Honored by Isaac Dostis 
Jewish Cemetery Desecrated Athens, Greece  
Film on Romaniote Jews by Vassilios Katsoupas 
Book by Hania Rabbi Evlagon New book 
Rhodes: A slice of our memory New book  
Sicilian Jews Exhibition by Daniel Ractliffe  
KEHILA Jewish Heritage tour to Greece August 25 - September 3, 2000 

Become a partner in the preservation of the Jewish monuments of Greece

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Editorial by Elias V. Messinas 
Welcome to the issue which concludes two years of growth and expansion, both of the Kol haKEHILA newsletter and Kol haKEHILA online. With increasing activity and postings, both reflect a growing interest in Greek Jewish heritage and an increase in the ties between the Greek and the Jewish cultures and peoples.  
The most important event since our last issue was undoubtedly the official visit of the Greek President Costantinos Stephanopoulos, to Israel, the honorary doctorate bestowed by the Hebrew University of Jerusalem to the Greek president, and the announcement of the creation of a Center for Greek Studies at the Hebrew University. Kol haKEHILA is proud to have assisted in the success of the doctoral ceremony, and to have invited our Israeli readers to attend. 
In this issue, Samuel Gruber presents the efforts of the Jewish community of Greece to preserve its Jewish monuments. Raphael Frezis briefly presents the conference in Volos on the preservation of the Jewish monuments of Greece. Asher Matathias and Isaac Dostis report on ceremonies honoring the Righteous of the Nations who hid and saved Greek Jewish families during the Holocaust. The Jews of Athens were shocked to find their cemetery desecrated in mid-May. Vassilios Katsoupas presents his documentary film on the Jews of Ioannina. Daniel Ractliffe informs our readers on the exhibition organized by the Jews of Sicily and makes known their plans to establish a Jewish museum. Finally, in this issue we briefly present two new books: one on the Jews of Rhodes and the other by the late Rabbi of Hania, Crete. 
We thank all of you for keeping us informed. Especially, we thank Prof. Carol Krinsky, Asher Matathias, Marcia Haddad-Ikonomopoulos, Stella Levi, Raphael Frezis, Leon Saltiel, Sabis Kamhis, Marcos Kamhis, and Natalie Pisante, for their help in this issue.  
We thank our sponsors and welcome our new subscribers for joining and supporting Kol haKEHILA. 

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