Table of Contents  
Conservation of the synagogue of Veroia  by Elias V. Messinas 
Professor Nandor Glid - Sculptor of the Holocaust Monument in Salonika   
A letter from Volos  by Asher J. Matathias 
The Jewish Museum of Rhodes 
Raphael Program 1998-1999

Become a partner in the preservation of the Jewish monuments of Greece 

Editorial by Elias V. Messinas 
Opening the second issue of Kol haKEHILA, we would like to welcome all the new subscribers! All of you new members of our KEHILA, that joined our effort in the preservation of Greek Jewish monuments, have shown with your subscription and letters that this effort is a worthy cause, at a time when everything is lost to progress, assimilation, and high-technology. Your warm welcoming of this effort, which came in the form of letters, e-mails, postal cards and telephone calls, was the best proof that despite all, there is indeed a special group of people, our KEHILA, that is still interested and worried about the disappearing Jewish heritage of Greece. We thank you all, and we hope that this effort will continue, until we have secured the future of the existing Jewish monuments of Greece. 
As we promised in the previous issue, we are dedicating a large part of this issue to present in detail the project of the conservation of the synagogue of Veroia. This endangered synagogue, the oldest synagogue of northern Greece, is in the center of our attention, in an effort to complete the conservation effort that begun in 1994. In this issue we are also remembering the late Prof. Nandor Glid, the sculptor who created the Holocaust monument of Salonika, we are briefly previewing the Jewish Museum of Rhodes and the Raphael Program 1998-1999, we are presenting KEHILA membersí letters, and our new subscribers - i.e. the new members of our KEHILA. 
Since the conception of Kol haKEHILA, we have been making every possible effort to make this newsletter available through the web. Our wish is to be able to provide not only an online newsletter, discussion groups, and other features to strengthen our KEHILA, but also to be able to hold online temporary, or permanent, exhibitions on Greek Jewish monuments and links to other related sites. Before we are able to realize this wish and have our own site, though, we have made the newsletter available online, at the site of the European Sephardic Institute, courtesy of Moise Rahmani, editor of Los Muestros. Kol haKEHILA extends its gratitude to the European Sephardic Institute for its hospitality! Please visit Kol haKEHILA online at 
Before we close, we would like to thank Sam Gruber, director of the Jewish Heritage Research Center, and Prof. Carol Krinsky for their contribution to this issue. 
In the next issue we will feature among others a detailed presentation of the Raphael Program 1998-1999 that Greece, Italy and Germany prepared, in cooperation with the Center for Jewish Art in Jerusalem, towards the documentation and preservation guidelines for their synagogues; a presentation of the synagogue Kahal Kadosh Yashan, in Ioannina, the building that was chosen in Greek as a case-study for the Raphael program, and an update on the restoration of the synagogue of Chania, Crete, by Nicholas Stavroulakis, director of the project. 
Kol haKEHILA wishes to all the Jewish members of our KEHILA - Happy New Year 5758 to you and your families - Aniada buena y alegre para vostros todos i voestras famillas!

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