Technion synagogues course
Two-days tour to Jerusalem
November 30-December 1, 2000
one-day tour to Tel Aviv University campus
Cymbalista synagogue
December 14, 2000

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A short portfolio of photographs from the two-day visit of the synagogue course Technion students and their tutor Architect Dr. Elias Messinas, to Jerusalem.
The trip included visits to three synagogues in the Israel Museum, the Italian synagogue and Museum, the Sephardi synagogues and ruins of the Hurva and Tifferet Israel in the Old City. The tour included a short visit to the Western Wall (Kotel HaMaaravi) and the Western Wall Tunnel (Minheret HaKotel). The tour was concluded at the Yad Vashem Valley of the Communities at the exhibition Synagogues of Salonika: Community and Continbuity by Architect Dr. Elias Messinas, where architectural drawings and scale models of destroyed synagogues of Salonika are exhibited.

The trip included guided tours, lectures by the tutor and Architect Sergei Kratsov of the Center for Jewish Art, Jerusalem. Guided by the tutor in sketching and observing places and buildings, the students spent time sketching, photographing and experiencing the places that were visited.

The students spent the night at the Sephardic Educational Center of Jerusalem, an historic structure which was built in the beginning of the 20th century on top of the ruins of the Nea Church (4th century). The turor (architect Elias Messinas) is currently renovating and remodelling this building.

Two weeks after the tour to Jerusalem, a second site visit took place in Tel Aviv, to the Cymbalista synagogue at Tel Aviv University campus, designed by Swiss architect Mario Botta. The tour included a special visit to the Beth Hatefutsoth (Diaspora Museum) also at the Tel Aviv University campus, which among others, has a large collection of accurate architectural scale models of synagogues of all over the world on display. The students had the rare opportunity to be offered a special guided tour to the models section of the museum, by the curator and deputy-director of the museum, Mr. Joel Cahen.

The tour to Tel Aviv University campus was concluded with a visit to the retrospective exhibition on architect Erich Mendelsohn, at the University Gallery. The scale models, photographs and sketches of Mendelsohn included a number of built and unbuilt synagogues.

View the presentations (March 4, 2001)

At the wall of Greece at theYad Vashem Valley of the Communities.
At the courtyard of the Sephardic Educational Center at the Jewish Quarter of the Old City.
Inside the Middle synagogue, one of the four Sephardi synagogues complex in the Jewish Quarter of the Old City.
Detail of the Middle synagogue by student Noah Sharel.
The arch of the Hurva: the only reminder of the four arches that held up the dome of the synagogue.
The bimah of the Istambuli synagogue, one of the four Sephardi synagogues complex.
Inside the Western Wall Tunnel. A walk through layers and layers of history: Herodian, Roman, Byzantine, Crusader, and Ottoman.
Sketch of a Roman arch at the synagogue of the Western Wall Tunnel by student Noah Sharel.

Interior of the Karaite synagogue in the Jewish Quarter of the Old City.

The ruins of the Tefferet Israel synagogue in the Jewish Quarter of the Old City.
Sketch of the interior of the Italian synagogue in the city center of Jerusalem by student Avishai Kumeldorf. Sketch of the interior of the Italian synagogue in the city center of Jerusalem by student Noah Sharel.
Sketch of a fortress syngogue during the lecture by Sergei Kratsov, by student Adira Lavi. Seeing the students sketching also 
makes the tutor to want to try  
his/her skills too. These are some sketches by the tutor Elias Messinas

Travel sketchbook exhibition
Exterior and interior of Cymbalista synagogue. Sketches of the Cymbalista synagogue, by student Noa Schek.

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Created 25 December 2000