Technion summer drawing course
Sketchbook murals
Technion School of Architecture, Haifa
(on display since September 4, 2000)

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The presentation of the two-day visit of the summer course Technion students and their tutor Architect Dr. Elias Messinas, to Jerusalem, and the one-day visit of the summer course Technion students to Haifa. 

The murals made by the students are re-presentations of their sketches and their visual experiences during the tours. The murals of each student consisted of a continuous sketch made up of different views of different places. Their connection is the horizon line, which links them, creating thus a new place: a utopia or a fantasy. This fantasy is brought to the School of Architecture, changing thus the reality of the school passages: the school becomes itself a new place; a utopia; a fantasy. 

This continuous re-presentation and transformation of reality, creates a new reality, which the students are asked to create. The murals are enchanced with an exhibition of reproductions of the students' original sketches and drawings, and photographs documenting the sketching tours. 

Below are some views of the students' murals drawn on the walls of the 2nd floor passage of the Architecture School at the Technion Institute, Haifa, Israel. 

For description and photographs of the tours and the summer course click here

The opening wall of the mural was a view of Santorini, Greece, by the tutor Elias Messinas (this image was used in the advertisement of the course).
Travel Sketchbook exhibition at Yale University (by the tutor)
The mural by student Sylvie Leibowitz, which included views of the Rockefeller museum courtyard and tower, and the port of Haifa.
General view of the 2nd floor passage of the School of Architecture at the Technion, BEFORE the painting of the murals.
View of the wall (see above), BEFORE the painting of the mural. 
The mural by student Bruria Shaked Okon, which included views of the Old City of Jersualem and the Dome of the Rock.
General view of the murals by students Amir Froindlich, Maya Levy, and Shlomit Itzhaki, which included views of downtown Haifa, and the walls of the Old City in Jerusalem.
The mural by students Karin Ginor, Adi Hertz, and Avri Branes, which included views of the Hurva synagogue arch, and David's tower of Jersualem.
The mural by student Amir Froindlich, which included views of downtown Haifa and the Old City of Jersualem.
Students Sylvie Leibowitz and Idit Sharon mark the guiding lines for the mural. Students Karin Ginor, Adi Hertz and Maya Levy prepare the photographs and drawing reproductions.
Students Ravit Cohen, Avri Branes, and Galit Levy preparing their murals.  Student Shlomit Itzhaki preparing her mural.

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Created 7 September 2000