Technion drawing course
spring 2001
Final presentation: mural

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Photographs of the final presentation of the drawing course. The requirement was to paint the walls of one of the hallways of the Technion Amado building in such a way as to create a 3 dimensional fantasy. By blending reality into fantasy and also adding sketches from our sketches of Jerusalem.
I thank "Tambur" company for providing gratis the colors for the mural, and of course, the students, for making this day an educating and fun experience!

Views of the hallway prior to the painting of the mural.

Before we paint, we have to mask the surfaces we want to protect from paint.

Then we mix the colors...

... and then we start painting!
At some point we take a break with a little party... food and soft drinks to gain some strength to continue...

... then comes the fun part: the blue and the drawing on the wall...

... and finally the preparation of the photographs and drawings as part of the mural...

... at the end a photograph with the team-100. We are all exhausted, but it was a really fun day!

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Created 26 June 2001