Technion drawing course
spring 2001
"Fantasy" Exercise

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The students while working on the "fantasy" exercise: "Intervention on an existing context with an architectural fantasy." See below for the presented "fantasies"!

Below: The students while working on the "seeing" exercises based on the book by Betty Edwards "Drawing on the Right side of the Brain."

Preserntation of the "fantasies."

For every "fantasy" you will find the original drawing and how the students intervened in the drawing, by creating their own fantastic world, their own "fantasy."

The themes include "Street in Madrid," "Site in India," "Room," "Museum interior," "Courtyard in Cairo," and more.

Left: The presentation (23.4.01)

Before the final presentation

At the final presentation
Notice the improved and dramatic sky!

Many thanks to my talented students who contributed their drawings to this site!

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Created 16 April 2001