Technion drawing course
Drawing Tour in Jerusalem
17 May 2001

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On Thursday 17 May 2001 the 1st year students of the Drawing course of Dr. Elias Messinas spent a full day sketching, drawing and visiting special sites in the Old City and new city of Jerusalem. The visit included the Greek Orthodox Patriarchate, the new reception hall of the Greek Patriarch of Jerusalem, the David Tower museum, the walls of the Old City, and the YMCA.

Below you will find some images during the day, with the students sketching in the most beautiful spots of Jerusalem.
At the Greek Orthodox Patriarchate reception hall and chapel.

We greatly thank architect Sakis Mitropoulos, architect of the new reception hall and chapel, for leading us to these most amazing rooms of the Old City!

Below: Drawing on top of the roof of the Church of the Holy Sepulchre.

Top & Left: At the Tower of David, drawing and sketching the walls of the Old City and the panoramic views of the new city.

Below: At the YMCA, one of the most beautiful eclectic buildings of Jerusalem built in the 1930s.

Right: At the YMCA, after lunch... it was an exhausting day...

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Created 17 May 2001