Table of Contents
Dedication of Etz Hayim in Hania by Dr. Braha Rivlin 
Memories of Kahal Shalom in Rhodes by Stella Levi 
Salonika Exhibition in Washington, DC 
Greek Sephardic music in Israel 
Jewish Holocaust Square in Athens 
Jewish Heritage Confererence in Greece 
Jewish Heritage tour by Kol haKEHILA 
Jewish Heritage Tour to Greece by Marcia Haddad Ikonomopoulos 
Jewish Day in Europe by Ruth Zilkha 
Jewish Education in Greece by Yvette Nahmia-Messinas 

Become a partner in the preservation of the Jewish monuments of Greece

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Editorial by Elias V. Messinas 
Welcome to the second issue of the second volume of Kol haKEHILA! October was a month that left us with a feeling of optimism and gave us energy to continue our efforts towards the preservation of the Greek Jewish heritage. I was fortunate enough to participate in the events that took place in Washington, DC commemorating the Holocaust in Greece; I was present at the highly emotional dedication ceremonies and services that took place in Hania, at the newly restored synagogue Etz Hayim. Only a day later, the Jewish Community of Athens witnessed the mayor renaming a square in Athens to honor the Jewish victims who perished in the Holocaust; the nomination of the Kahal Shalom synagogue of Rhodes to the prestigious WMF 100-most endangered sites in the world, which will allow the Rhodes Jewish community to preserve this important synagogue, the oldest standing in Greece; finally, the revitalized Jewish Community of Salonika made its presence felt at the two Sephardic music evenings it organized in Israel. All this activity together with the ever increasing response from our readers and visitors to our web site, strengthen further our commitment to our goals. 
We have made every possible effort to complete the construction of the Kol haKEHILA site on the internet before the end of the millennium; in the coming year we will use this sophisticated infrastructure to increase our activity. We invite our readers to visit our site and offer suggestions, ideas, and comments towards its improvement and increase of services. We also welcome organizations and institutions to establish links to and from our site. 
In the site you will also find our new culture shop, in which our readers will find books, cards, back issues of Kol haKEHILA and much more, relating to Greek Jewish history, culture, and architecture. 
Finally, due to demand from our readers, Kol haKEHILA is organizing its first Jewish Heritage Tour to Greece to take place in April. More details inside. 
 We welcome our new subscribers and we express our gratitude to our dedicated sponsors who make this publication and our web site possible. We thank our readers who contributed letters and articles. We thank Prof. Carol Krinsky for her help with this issue.

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