Table of Contents
The Jewish Community of Ioannina  by Dr. Eleni Kourmantzi 
The synagogues of Ioannina  by Elias V. Messinas, AssocAIA 
Restoring the synagogue of Hania 
Jewish Greece: Voyage Through Time  by Yvette Nahmia-Messinas 
Mayor supports Holocaust memorial 
Holocaust monument in Volos  by Raphael Frezis 
Salonika Synagogue Renovation 
International Conference on Jewish Heritage of Europe 
Conference on Preservation of Jewish Archives - Call for Papers

Become a partner in the preservation of the Jewish monuments of Greece


Editorial by Elias V. Messinas 

Opening the third issue of Kol haKEHILA, we would like to welcome all our new subscribers. To our dedicated readers, many of whom inquired about the delay of this issue, we must explain that it was for a very good reason: on January 26 - 28, 1999, the International Conference on Jewish Heritage of Europe took place in Paris. This important meeting addressed for the first time on a European scale - after the conference held in New York in 1990 - the issue of preservation of the threatened Jewish sites of Europe. Among the conservation projects presented for Poland, Hungary, France, Italy, and other countries of Europe, an update of the progress of the conservation efforts of the synagogues of Hania and Veroia in Greece were presented. More details on the conference inside this issue. 
As we promised in our previous issue, we are now presenting the Jewish community of Ioannina, and the Romaniote synagogue Kahal Kadosh Yashan, one of the last remaining examples of the Romaniote tradition in Greece. We are also presenting briefly the conservation of the synagogue of Hania, Crete, the new Holocaust monument of the city of Volos, and much more. 
We remind our readers that Kol haKEHILA is available online, at the site of the European Sephardic Institute, courtesy of Moise Rahmani, editor of Los Muestros. Kol haKEHILA extends its gratitude to the European Sephardic Institute for its hospitality! Please visit Kol haKEHILA online at 
Finally, we thank Prof. Carol Krinsky for her dedicated input to Kol haKEHILA, and all our readers who contributed to this issue.

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