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Lea Levi - 27.10.17
My name is Lea Levi, i live in Israel. I'm doing a research about my family who immigrated to Israel after world war II. I would like to visit in Greece for a roots trip and like your help with information about my family's burial place. My grandfather David Levi and grandmother Smiralda Daniel met in Israel, and both of thier famelis lived in Greece. My great grandfather Shem tov lived in Saloniki and died and buried in Israel, and his father Nisim Levi and wife Rachel Levi died and buried in Greece probably in Saloniki where they lived. (I think that they were born in 1860-1870). My grandmother familey lived in Veroia. my great grandfather Yosef Daniel and his wife Tova Hazan died and buried in Israel. Yosef Daniel's parents Aharon Daniel and Smiralda Tsarfati died in Greece (Veroia) (I think they were born in 1870-1880), so as Aharon parents: Sara (Sarina) and Shmuel Daniel. Aharon has two brothers Asher (born in 1874) and Yakov (born in 1881). Tova Hazan's parents are Sarina and Merkado Hazan. I will appreciate any help or information, or reference to additional information source.

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Jacob: Zaffos/Tsafos - 23.1.17
I am trying find my family roots in Greece, Romaniote Jewish Heritage. My family was original from Arta and then living in Athens. The Family name is Tsafos (Zaffos). My grandfather name was Rabbi Jacob Ellis Tsafos as found in Hall of records in Arta. He came to the USA in 1910 but had brothers who remained in Greece. My name is Jacob S. Zaffos.

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Gil: Negrin/Matathias - 10.9.07
Greetings from Australia, I am Gilbert, son of the late Albert Hassine of Alexandria Egypt. Albert was the son of Nessim Hassine and Fortune Mazaltov Negrin Fortunee Mazaltov Negrin was born in 1889 in Montefiore Palestine was the daughter of David Negrin and Hannah Matathias of Ioannina Greece. Although Fortunee was born in Palestine, David Negrin and Hannah Matathias returned to Ioannina and left for Alexandria Egypt in about the year 1901. David Negrin and Hannah Matathias also had three more children. They were Simcha Negrin born 1883 Rebecca Negrin born 1885 and Isaac Negrin born 1887 I am unsure where these three were born, however it would have been in Ioannina or Palestine. There are several other descendants of the Negrin family for which I have records. regards, Gil.
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Sara: My grandmother was Henriette Modiano from Salonika - 25.1.02
My grandmother was Henriette Modiano from Salonika. Her mother was Doudoun Angel later married Mois Modiano, I am looking fo rfamily members. I live in NY but my mother lives in Israel. Any information would be appreciated.thanks .my name is Sarah.
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Lichtenstein: Making a family connection - 25.1.02
I found your name and information on the Kol haKehila web site. Your information on the synagogues in Ioannina was fascinating. I want to thank you for it and ask for some further information. My wife, whose maiden name is Ellen Levy, is a Romaniote Jew, whose four grandparents (no longer alive) all came from Ioannina to the US. I am working on her family tree for my son, whose name is Elia, and that search led me to you.
I have a few questions, that if you could help with, I would greatly appreciate it. Specifically:
1 . Do you know how to contact Dr. Eleni Kourmantzi, who had an article on the Jewish Community of Ioannina on the Kol haKehila site. I'd like to follow up on her research to learn more detail and also to find out how to obtain copies of the works of Yossef Elyia - the Ioanninan born poet. I also want to know if the Aliance Israelite Universelle school that was established in the city was the one that Ellen's grandmother attended (where she learned to speak French fluently).
2. In terms of your research on the synagogues, it was fascinating to read the family names of those that attended each. You said that one of the synagogues was attended by the family called "Lavi". I wanted to know if that is the same as "Levy"?
3. You mentioned that your family name is Negrin. I have a picture of Ellen's grandparents and others that include an Abe Negrin from Teka and an Esther Negrin from Arta and a Max Negrin. The picture was taken in New York City some time in the 1920s. Could any of them be related to you? If you want, I could email the picture.
4. How did you learn/know what families attended which synagogue. Is there any more information available?
5. Do you know or have any detailed city maps? My wife has the address of several relatives and I would like to map their location in the city. In fact, my wife and I visited Ioanninan in 1984 on our honeymoon and she had been there once before - actually visited her grandmother's home, which is now no longer standing.
I appreciate your time and any answers you can provide. Have you done a family tree? Isaac Dostis from New York City has almost 200 trees (small ones and incomplete, but nontheless important) and I am urging him to look for connections among the families before too much more time passes.
Thank you for your efforts to keep this history alive. It is an important but fading chapter in Jewish life and in our lives in particular.
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Panagiotopoulos: Solomon Kamhis in WW2 - 15.1.02
I would like to try to confirm this story: There was a department store owner in Athens named Solomon Kamhis. A young man named John Vasilious Panagiotopoulos (born in Karryes Proussou Evrytanias, my father) working for Christopher Katsambas supplied Kamhis with cloth materials. When the nazis went looking for Kamhis, Kamhis asked my father to help him hide. The nazi officer suspected my father knew the whereabouts and kicked my father (with bicycle) down the steps of the parliament. After the war, when Kamhis was ready to reopen his store, he invited my father to take anything he needed before the store opened, via which my father helped supply the two baby daughters of his older brother. My father (who was born either in 1920, 1923 or 1925) was drafted as a supply corporal during the civil war 1948-52 and rather than continue at the Athens School of Industrial Studies (Anotati Viomihanikou) and be sent to Korea, he emigrated to the USA. I wonder what happened to Kamhis. Today, in NYC, I am good friends with someone whose maternal grandparents came from Thesaloniki in 1912 to USA and whose name is Kamhis - my friend and I are trying to find out if the two Kamhis are related. or

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Karoline Allalouf: Looking for Allalouf family from Salonika - 15.1.02
Shalom My name is Karoline Allalouf.  I was born in Thessaloniki, Greece, after the holocaust.  My first brother who was born three years prior to me was stillborn.   Both my parents were holocaust survivors.  My father was born in Thessalonika, also.  His name was Moshe (Moshon) Allalouf.  His father and mother were also born here, yet I really do not know much more, because my father beleived that all of his family were slaughtered during the holocaust.  My mothers name was Ester Mendelsohn.  She was born in Roumania, yet they met in the camps after the holocaust.   I would appreciate all information that you have on my fathers family???  I would like to know.  Also, my father passed away in Thessaloniki, in 1991, and has been buried in the cemetery there.  I was there in 1994, yet I did not have the opportunity, to find out any and all information about my fathers family and ancestors.  Now that I have found you, can you please help me in finding out any information about my fathers family???   I would appreciate your soon reply.   My grandmothers name was Doudoun ( nee Camhi) Allalouf, and my grandfathers name was Simantov Allalouf, whom I beleive died many years before the holocaust.  My father had a brother Jacob.  I'm not sure if he had more brothers, there was also a sister named Clara, who my dad said was Miss Thessaloniki, I beleive in the 20's.  Can you get any information on this???   Thank you for all your help.  Also, I beleive that I will be visiting Thessaloniki, this year some time?
I would appreciate it if you would do, and post my inquiry on your website. Can you give me any information on my family, or if you personally know any Allalouf families, coming from the last generation of Allalouf's. You seem to have found quite a few that were sent to the holocaust in 1943, and my dad was there, and he was married, and so was his family, yet I did not see his name? Or maybe I misread? Please if you yourself know of any Allaloufs, from my family, could you please let me know. And also, I would like to tell you, that I am still planning, to write a book, regarding my family, their lives in Thessaloniki and also about me and my brother, who now lives in Israel. I am so very interested in knowing more, Elias. Do you live in Israel? Do you visit Thessaloniki often? Are there any conferences, that I may know about regarding finding and knowing where others from the families ended up. Were they dead or alive after the war, and maybe stayed in the countries, they fled too? My father also lost his inheritance, and likely so did I, which is very sad. Is there anyway, that I could reclaim it??? There really is alot more to discuss, yet, I'm not sure if you would be available to speak with me more about my fathers' family? Like I say, I have alot of questions, when I find some answers I would like to start my book. I also would like to get your permission to use some of your acknowledgements and foreward from your book, and also history, concerning Thessaloniki, in the beginning of my book, which I may start later this year??? I would put the references in my book. Would you give me permission? Maybe I'm asking for too much. Please let me know. Also, Elias, I would like to purchase your book as soon as it is available. Please let me know where I could purchase it, when it comes available. Do you have a date yet? I also have alot of proof about my dad from being in the concentration camps, and papers that were recreated for him after he returned to Thessaloniki after the war in 1945. Proof of his birth, his mother and father names, his marriage certificate to my mother. I have one picture of his first wife, her name was Marcada Raphael. My dad beleived that she and his son Yacov were killed in the camps. He never saw them again, nor knew where they were. He beleived that all his family died during the holocaust, and as I grew up, and even now, I beleived that there were still family alive somewhere. I hope and pray, that someday I could meet a realtive of mine, even if they are offspring of the survivors, like myself?? I truly hope that I could get more information and find out alot more. Thank you for listening, and I hope that you could respond to me speedily. Shalom Karoline Allalouf 
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Lea Shagrir: Looking for Uziel family from Salonika - 28.5.01
Do you know any details about Uziel Baruch who had a hat shop in Konstantinides st. in 1940-1941, his wife Leah and they had 1 child named Ritta?
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Dr. Raphael Ventura: Cesana/Osmo - 27.5.01
Shalom! Do you happen to have any knowledge regarding any one of the following Corfiote Jews? Speranza Osmo(b. abt. 1848) who married Samuel Cesana (b. abt. 1844) at about 1874, and their two children Giacommo (b. 1879) and Raffaele (b. 1883).? Raffaele was my maternal grandfather. Thanking you very much, Raphael Ventura
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Belleli: Looking for family with the Belleli name - 25.5.01
A friend of mine told me about your site yesterday. What a nice surprise. There is a request looking for someone in the Belleli family form Corfu but it is in French. My family name is Belleli. My father was from Corfu, Greece. Most of his family perished in the Holocaust as did most of the Jews from Greece z"ll. His wife's family name was Wianti (Vivante). I have been trying to find some family on the Internet for many years. I would love to correspond with other Greek Jews, as they are so few and so precious. I feel that somehow we are all family. There are many things that I do not know, such as customs as so on, that I would love to know. If anyone is interested in communicated and corresponding with me, I would love to hear from you. My e-mail is
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Dianne Cadesky: Tivoli, Saady, and Benyacar from Salonika - 1.4.01
My parents were born in Salonika and after the Holocaust came to Canada. Their family names are Tivoli, Saady, Benyacar. We are always searching for treasures of the past. Thank you, Dianne Cadesky
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Carole Mouallem: Judah family from Salonika - 10 March 2001
I am searching for relatives that bear the surname Judah, originally from Salonika, but may have emigrated to the U.S., Israel or other parts of Greece. Thank you. Carole Mouallem
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Ilya Ashkinazi: Askinazi - 28.12.2000
I am writting to you,because you were recomended to me by Maurice Askinazi from Long Island N.Y.( no relation as far as I can see) He has been to Greece and traced his ancestors to the time of jewish expalcion from Spain , and I happened to be working on my family tree and kind of didn't know where to start,so this is a shot in the dark.I wonder if you know of any Askinazi's that were from Russia,Moscow in particular.I was born and grew up in Moscow, till I was about 17, I immigrated to USA in 1980, well we didn't actualy get here till apr.of 81, my mother and my farther divorced when i was just a kid , she has been closed mouth of his side of the family for many years,and he died sometime in the late 70's,well I don't know if you could let me know where to begin or where i could write to trace this family branch to,also may be you know if there are any publications of history of my last name.Thank you in advance for taking your time.

Rose Attas-Ferrari: Attas / Baruch / Mathios / David families - 21.12.00
My name is Rose Attas-Ferrari...born in NYC 1950... I remember fondly my Greek Jewish Heritage. Both of my parents families as well as my dad come from Ioninna arriving in NYC in the early 1900's..

Paternal side grandparents:

Chaim Attas/Stamoula David (maiden)

Maternal side grandparents

Abraham Baruch/Rose Mathios (maiden)

Parents Joseph and Rebecca Attas...

I recall fondly the Greek Synagogue on Broome Street directly across the street from my Nonna and Papous Attas apt. house. I just wanted to say thank you for this internet site.. It is just wonderful. I was thrilled to find it..
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Ilya Askinazi: In search of roots - 21.12.00
Hello my name is Ilya Askinazi and I am an imigrant to USA from Russia, I have been here 20 years and sort of looking to trace my heritage back, so I would be very much in debt to you for anything you could tell me about the history of my name.Your web. site was giving to me by a rabby in new york, his last name is also Askinazi and he traced his family tree back to Greece

and recomended that i would get in touch with someone in your organization, Thank you , Ilya Askinazi
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Yvette Chalom: Family of Chalom, Nahoum - 11.10.00
Bonjour ! Mon pere, Elie Chalom, fils d'Abraham Chalom et de Vintura Nahoum, est ne en 1906 a "Constantinople" (Istamboul, Turquie), en 1906. Il est venu a Paris en 1922, suivi plus tard par sa famille. Son pere, sa belle-mere (nee Bonfil), une demi-soeur et un demi-frere ont ete deportes en 1944. La soeur de lait de mon pere, Zimboul Cohen, etait encore en Turquie en 1968. Nous

avons des cousins, Treves et Cazes, en Israel, mais je les ai perdu de vue. J'aimerais retracer l'origine de ma famille paternelle et retrouver des parents, s'il y en a. J'habite depuis 20 ans a Berkeley, Californie, et mon e-mail est <> [francais, anglais, espagnol]. Merci et Chana Tova.

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Sam Hassid: Greek Jewish family on film - 10.10.00
Anybody knowing something about that ?


"TO PONTIKI" Arithmos fyllou 1104, Pempti, 14 Septembriou 2000, Selida 5


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Nikos B.: Discovering Jewish origins - 5.10.00
My name is Nikos B. and I live in Sydney Australia I am of greek origin and christian but have found out lately that we have many loose ends in our Family history Via my granfather on my dads side...he was a wealthy educated man...and he was murdered by the germans in the grandmother and her children(my uncles and dad) had to hide in a cave because they were saught out by the Germans too...of course they survived... talking to my father he said when he was a very young Lad his father used to have a special room where no one was enter...Grandad was murdered while my grandmother was still pregnant with my father...but when all had settled down in Greece during the early 1950s or tells me there was a book and his mother said that his fathjer would read it on certain when he was young went in to the room to see what was this shrine that my grandmother had kept..for my grandfather...she obviously loved him a lot and thats how she kept the memory of him...and dad said that the book was like the bible...but it wasnt greek...he than thought it was Russian as he was young and didnt no that much

about language...but since than he says it wasnt russian because Russian some letters are similuar to Greek but this wasnt..he says now it must have been hebrew(knowing the alphabet) so as you can see in our family in History there has been many dramas

thank you for your time ...I feel good that I have written to someone andam finally going to find out maybe something...

I like reading about the greek Jewish culture...apart from religion the people the race...thoughts are ALL very similuar...I beleive... again thanks for your time and also thank you very much for these great web pages..

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Yvette Chalom: Family from Salonika - Asseo, Amarragi, Alcalay - 3.10.00

Just discovered this site through a friend.  My mother is from Salonika, her father's side was Asseo, and her mother's Amarragi.  How do I post an add to find out more?  Also, we still have cousins, Alcalay, in Salonika.  This is quite wonderful.
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David Elazar: Searching Elazar family - 7.9.00

I am trying to locate information on the Elazar family who resided in Salonika. Please have a look at my internet site.

Elazar Family Genealogy Group (monitored):

Elazar Home Page:
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Ouziel Simon: Kabelis=Kabili - 24.8.00
Dear Sir,

I saw the Following "Mazal Tov! Max Kleiner celebrated his Bar Mitzvah on Saturday 5 August 2000 at the Kal Kadosh Yashan synagogue of Ioannina, Greece, the  synagogue of his grand-parents Morris and Eva Kabelis, and Isaac Ben Haim and Stemoula Levy. Congratulations ...." My question is: Can I assume that the name Kabelis = Kabili? My Gmother's name Miriam Kabili her father's name Shabetai. Thanks in advance.
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Anne Sirota: Looking for Gani (Arta) - 22.8.00
I am looking for connections with the name GANI and any information about the origins of the name. My grandfather was Hananel Gani, born in Arta in 1883 and died in Athens in 1975.  He lived most of his adult life in Alexandria, Egypt. If anyone knows that name or knows the origins of the name Gani, I would be very interested.
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Peter Salamon: Information on the Abravanel family - 14.8.00

For information on the Abravanel family, visit the site of PETER SALAMON at
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 Veronique Sriqui: Searching for Molho - Amar - 11.8.00

I am looking for any informations on my great grand mother Sol Molho, born Amar around 1875, she was the widow of Jacob Molho. She was deported from Salonique in 1943 to Auschwitz. Thank you.
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Michel Monkotowicz: Jews of Corfu - 9.8.00
Chalom, Ma mere originaire de Corfou (famille Belelis, Matsa, Moustaki) est

venue tr?s jeune en France avec toute sa famille.. Je recherche actuellement a correspondre avec des eventuels cousins

aloignes (???) qui habiteraient ou bien a Corfou ou ailleurs... Nous avons comme tous nos coreligionnaires besoin de nous retrouver et tant de c hoses a nous dire.
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Sam Yohai: Searching for members of Yohai family - 4.9.00

Our family continues to search for any news regarding the whereabouts of Ovadia Yohai, his wife Allegre Yohai as well as their three children ... Mathilde (Matica), Lena and Elais (Elias, or, Elico) Yohai all of whom have not been heard from since the Nazi incursion into Salonika during March and April of 1943. Ovadia Yohai was born in Kavala and, after having traveled to Curacao and Barcelona during the 1930s, returned to Salonika during the latter part of that decade or, during the very early 1940s.   Ovadia's father, Samuel Yohai, passed away in 1936 and was buried in Barcelona.  We would greatly appreciate hearing from anyone who might have knowledge of these souls not only during the period 1936 through 1943 but especially after 1943.  Any news about them following that terrible year would mean that unlike many from Salonika, they might not have ended up at Auschwitz afterall and might  have miraculously survived the Holocaust.   Our gratitude is extended to those who might be able to assist in this search.
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Lenora Bacola - Lowe: Bacola or Bacolas - 19.8.00

The family lived both in Ioaninna and Paramithia. I'm in touch with the survivors, my cousins, but would like to know  about Ezra Bacolas (my grandfather) his siblings and antecedents. My father's maternal family name is Kolchamira. Do you have any information on that name? Thank you in advance for any information you might get for me.
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Yehuda Nachman: Unlisted greek Jews - 7.8.00

My name is Yehuda Nachman/Nahman Born in Salonika 1946, I was named after my Grand father Yehuda Until the 2nd world war. Both my Father's family and my Mother's family (pitschon)lived in Greece For centuries. As all my relative perished in the holocaust, I am trying to get information about the family origin. Most particularly I am trying to find pictures of Yehuda and Dudun(his wife) Nachman. Also I happen to know many greek Jews and I was surprised they are not listed!  Could you help?

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Avi Wales: The Abravanel family - 12.7.00

Hello, please tell me if you have any information on Abravanel family from Greece especially those who were murdered in Auschwiz. Their names were Jean, Elazar Abravanel, his wife from the Asseo family. They had siblings:

Victor, Maurice, Albert, Terez, Jacob, Lily, Rene, Jean. Regards, Avi
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Samuel Alberto Yohai: Yohai family from Kavalla - 13.7.00

What information, if any, do you have in files about Yohai living in Kavalla and Salonica between the end of the 19th century and the Holocaust? Many thanks.
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Ishaki from Ioannina - 28.6.00
Do you have any info on Ishaki from Jannina? Do you have any info on a video that was made about Jannina Jews & the
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Isaac Estrugo: Estrugo / Strugo family - 4.6.00
cantor estrugo  nachama  from sefarad newsletter appears to be a relative family name was estrugo --changed to strougo but a strougo survived the holocaust==from salonica ==was estrugo the last name can you tell me more ==his family etc---thanks

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Marcia Haddad Ikonomopoulos- Stella Levy: A sad announcement - 3.6.00

We have just received a fax from the Jewish Community of Rhodes announcing the passing away of the President Alberto Covo. Alberto died today Saturday the 3rd of June, 2000 . The funeral will take place at the Synagogoue in Athens, on Monday the 5th of June at 16 p.m. It is a sad news and we definitely will miss him. May his soul find peace in a better world.

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Lawrence Isaac: Ishaki family - 5.5.00

Does anyone have any information on the Ishaki family?
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Cedric Carton: Inquiries about the Negrin family - 18.4.00

I am inquiring about the Negrin family. I had a great grandmother called Sol Negrin, one of three sisters, who lived

in Egypt but whose family may well have originated in Greece or in Turkey. She was probably born around 1855 and married one Vita Palacci. I know neither her parents' nor her sisters' names. I am trying to complete a family tree I have been putting together for my sons and this information would be of interest, together with any dates (births, deaths and marriages).

From the information I have it would seem she had been previously married and divorced, an unusual occurrence in those days, particularly in the Jewish community of Egypt. Do you have any information you feel may be of help?
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David Corito: In search of family - 27.2.00
My mother was born in Ioannina (Janina) in 1905 my father in Preveza in 1903. My father and mother were both Romaniote Jews. I have been tracing my roots and have in my possession a Greek Sealing ring that was my grandfather's. I understand from what my father told me that my grandfather was ships pursuer and he used this ring as the Kings Seal. There is a name on the ring (HADJI-PANAGIOT NIKOS) and a date (1791 view the ring). I would like to know if you have any information on the person named on this ring and what connection (job) it had with my grandfather (Moshon Jacob Corito). I have been in touch with my fathers (and my) old synagogue Kehila Kedosha Janina in NY which now houses a museum and they are also very interested in this ring. Any information you can forward to me will be appreciated. Your article on Ioannina was very interesting and I visited the city of Ioannina(May'99) and the old synagogue in the Kastro where my mother was born and lived until her family came to America at the age of 16. I enjoy reading all your articles on Greek Jewish history. Thank you for keeping the memory alive.
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Sylvia C.: Searching information on the Jews of Spain - 21.2.00
Do you have any information about Spanish Jews, specially Jews comming from Soria, Agreda and Cordoba (Three Spanish Towns)... Saludos !!!

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Isaac Cohen: In search of family - 29.12.99

I was born in Israel but I moved to America 15 years ago. My mother may she rest in peace was born in Salonica, she moved to Israel before the war and all her family died in the Holocaust . Her name is Matilda Scaloniky, her father was named Joseph Scaloniky and her mother's name was Miriam Scaloniky. Her father worked for Chevra Kaddesha in Salonica . They had more children by the name of Jacob, Eda, Locha, and more but I forgot their names.

Please let me know if  there is a possible way I can get Information about my mothers family so I can get in contact with them.

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Marianne C.: Searching information on David Carasso from Salonica

I was wondering if you had any information  on the name of David Carasso from Salonica.  He was my grandfather. All that I know, is that he died around 1913.  He had several brothers, Jacque, Abraham, Gideon, I also am interested in the name of Moises Kabili my great grandfather and Abrahm Kabili, I believe from Volos, Greece.  Do either of these names sound familiar?
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David Negrin: Searching for Ianniotes - 25.10.99

A funny thing happened at the Palo Alto "Y" this morning; I go there for morning exercises. I saw this guy wearing a "Pashas" tee-shirt. It turns out his family is from Janina (or Ionnina) and his name is Jay Rossiter. His mother's name is Betty Hanock-Rawiszer. Does it ring a bell? Anyway it's a small world.

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Harry Zinn: Information on the Midrash Broudo in Salonika - 25.10.99

Thank you for sending me the latest issue of Kol haKEHILA.  I recently returned from Jerusalem and saw your exhibition of the Synagogues of Salonika at Yad Vashem.  It was particularly moving for me as my grandmother was born and raised in Salonika.  In the exhibit, there was a list of the synagogues.  One of the synagogues listed was the "Midrash Broudo," at the

Community School, Quarter "151."  My grandmother's maiden name was Broudo and we believe that her father was a rabbi.  Is there any way to get more information about the Midrash Broudo?  Any suggestions you could provide will be greatly appreciated.
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