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Rebecca A.: CNN & isolated Jerusalem - 7.8.00

From the Web site "" an interesting daily compilation of headlines from around the world (with commentary) maintained by one Yori Yanover:
<<Dear CNN Feedback:
I was pleased to see that CNN rectified its earlier error and decided to return Jerusalem to Israel in its weather page.
   However, I am befuddled to see the political note that you added to the Jerusalem page regarding Palestinian claims to sovereignty over part of Jerusalem, reading: "Please be advised that as of approximately 1:00 pm EDT, Thursday, Aug. 3,'s main weather page listing of 'Jerusalem' was changed to 'Jerusalem, Israel.' On the Jerusalem  weather page, we have added the following: 'The status of Jerusalem, the seat of Israeli government, is the most  contentious issue in the Israeli-Palestinian peace talks. Palestinian and Arab leaders consider part of Jerusalem the capital of  the prospective Palestinian state."
              I have checked the pages for the cities of Taiwan and found no notation regarding Chinese claims to sovereignty. I  have also found no notations regarding the claims to an independent Tibet in the relevant cities listed under China.  Likewise, no notation is found regarding Iraqi claims to Kuwait City, Kuwait, or Pakistani claims to Kashmiri cities in India. Indeed, I found no similar political notation anywhere else on yourwebsite.
              Unless the weather in Jerusalem is somehow uniquely affected by competing claims to sovereignty, I cannot help  but conclude that, contrary to your protestations, you do indeed engage in highly partisan (and disingenuous and  offensive) editorializing in your weather section.
              I urge you to remove the political notation promptly.>>
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Miriam T.: CNN & isolated Jerusalem - 7.8.00
What kind of response is that from CNN.  They say they are nonpartisan and do not have an editorial position yet this is the only location in the world where they choose to make such a statement?  What about the entire region of the former Yugoslavia - whose side did they take in that one?, Tibet, Chechnya, Kurdistan? That's ridiculous and I think we should send another e-mail campaign.
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Brigitte S.: CNN & isolated Jerusalem - 5.8.00

Here is another Jerusalem story: on UNESCO's site about World Heritage (,
Jerusalem is the only entry by city, while all other entries are made by country. Israel doesn't exist, though Jerusalem's old city is
World patrimony... Please write your protest to and forward this email.
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Harold S.: CNN & isolated Jerusalem - 4.8.00

<<Please be advised that as of approximately 1:00 pm EDT, Thursday, Aug. 3,'s main weather page listing of  "Jerusalem" was changed to "Jerusalem, Israel." On the Jerusalem weather page, we have added the following: "The status of Jerusalem, the seat of Israeli government, is the most contentious issue in the Israeli-Palestinian peace talks.  Palestinian
and Arab leaders consider part of Jerusalem the capital of the prospective Palestinian state." is a nonpartisan global newsgathering organization. We do not have an editorial position on this or any other political issue.
Thank you for contacting us.>>
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Art F.: CNN & Isolated Jerusalem - 1.8.00

Thank you for the heads-up on CNN's new policy.  For your information, I just sent them the following message:

"Someone in your map department has made a major mistake.  Jerusalem, the capital of Israel, is now listed as a separate entity outside of Israel. Jerusalem was the capital of Israel 3,000 years ago, and except for those times it was captured by invading
 Babylonian, Syrian, Roman, Christian and Moslem forces, it has always been and continues to be the capital of Israel.  Unless your news department knows something that no one else knows, I suggest you put Jerusalem back where it belongs.  When everyone alive in the world today has passed, Jerusalem will still be the capital of Israel, and it is an extreme affront on
your part to suggest otherwise, Palestinian claims not withstanding.  (By the way, there already is a Palestinian state - it's called Jordan!  Maybe some of your friends want to ask their buddies in Ahman to make East Ahman the capital. Then you can
give Ahman a separate listing as well."

Thanks for the alert and for your tremendous vigilance.  Keep up the good work.
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Jon C.: CNN & Isolated Jerusalem - 1.8.00
Regardless of where you draw the lines, the weather remains the same. Luckily, rain and sun do not wait for the results of the Camp David summits; if they did, it would be very dark and very cold in Jerusalem. I wonder if it isn't more worth our concern and effort to think about the quality of life of Jerusalem's assorted residents rather than the cartographers at a multinational company like CNN.
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Received from Kol haKEHILA readers: CNN & isolated Jerusalem - 1.8.00
If one goes to the weather page of the Cable News Network, one would find that officials at CNN have decided to cut off Jerusalem from Israel, apparently due to recent claims of the capital during the recent talks in Camp David. Unlike other cities, Jerusalem is no longer listed with a state or country, meaning, is no longer under the "Israel" listing, and remains isolated under its own listing.
Political views aside, this is clearly a non professional act, based on nothing but assumptions, and questions the integrity, credibility and journalistic qualities of the giant news network. The weather page may be viewed at
If you are upset that CNN maps now don't include Jerusalem within Israel, DON'T BE QUIET! simply go to
Once there, click on "Criticism" and enter a brief complaint. MAKE A STAND. Be heard and forward this e-mail to others who care about this issue. Thanks.
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Samuel H.: Esperansa 2000 and the Jews of Bulgaria - 3.7.00

Esperansa 2000 was organized by Joint Bulgaria and was a Sefardic festival - emphasis being on Folklore and Singing, but some lectures were given too.
A few words about Bulgaria's jews (from a greek jew mind you - so I ask your forgiveness if I am wrong): They are a 5000 strong community. They were saved from the Shoah during WWII - and Bulgaria as a country proudly declares that no jew from that country ever reached a concentration camp. The circumstances are rather controversial and are a subject of debate between bulgaian-jewish and other historians. Not a subject of debate is that while saving its own jews, Bulgaria has delivered the jews of
Bulgarian-occupied Greek E. Macedonia and Thrace and Yugoslav Macedonia, about 11000 to 13000 altogether - of whom almost nobody returned from Treblinka. This greek jew was however "pleasantly" surprised that his pre-fixed notion that bulgarian jews try to sweep that under the carpet is NOT right : the people I met did not avoid the subject.
  Today the country as a whole and the community in particular try to overcome the economic consequences of transition from a centralized to a free economy - which resulted in a big impoverishment of a large part of the people. To this, the jewish community is assisted by the American Joint Distribution Committee - who organized the coneference.
  Esperansa 2000 is after a similar event two years ago - last year the evnt was cancelled due to the Kosovo war. The majority of the public were bulgarians, but there was a strong presence of jews from ex-Yugoslavia, mainly ramp Yugoslavia (Serbia), but also Bosnia (well, the two bosnians are now israelis and the third is from Respublika Srbska) and Croatia. There were three greeks , Mr. Taboh and Mr. Arouh of the Society for the Conservation of Ladino in Salonika, and myself (in Israel now) and three
turks, Mr. and Mrs. Perahia and Mr. Yussuf Atintas from Istanbul.
  The first day included a presentation from Mrs Perahia on Judeo-spanish proverbs. There was a very interesting presentation by Mr. Ceresnjes (pronounced Chereshniesh) on synaguogues in ex-Yugoslavia, with emphasis on the damaged synaguogues of Dubrovnik and Sarajevo, but also on other synaguogues. The speaker was the president of Sarajevo's community and was
indtrumental and getting jews out of besieged Serajevo, before he emigrated to Israel, where he now works in the Un. of Jeruslaem. he is the author of an article "Caught in the War: Jews in the Former Yugoslavia" of which he gave me a reprint.  I was impressed when he told me that as a candidate in the first Bosnian elections (when the country was still under Yugoslavia) he got 36 % of the vote, coming after Izetbegovich only !) He defined himself a a jew who did not take sides in the last war and talked about the wrongs of ALL sides). There was also a presentation of a book by the bulgarian-jewish intelectual Samuel Franses "Recuerdos Alegres - Recuerdos Tristes" . Editions :Shalom, Sofia, 2000. ISBN 954-8200-13-9 ). Mr Franses later gave me personaly a copy of his book "The Survival" with documents on the salvation of bulgarian jews (one document does refer to Greek Thrace, which they called the Aegean (Belimorskie) Provinces). It is in Bulgarian - the text - but not the documents themselves have an english translation. Shalom Publishing Center, Sofia 1995).
 There were many songs by a czech-ukrainian woman singer - who combined judeo-spanish, hebrew and yidish songs. There was a very nice theater depicting Sarajevo's jewish community about a century ago, unfortunately mostly in serbian (the "bosnian" participant told me they tried to imitate the particular Sarajevo accent, but not very successfuly). I must say that the dances in that group were very nica and the women dancers and actors very beautiful).
  The next day there were some parallel presentations - I don't know what the people in the other session did, but in my session there were several presentations, including by Mr. Altintas on the use of terms "Ladino" (which he claims originates from the arabic "La Din", ie not sacred or something - and not from Latin as many of us have the wrong impression). His presentation was in part aimed against some of the theories of the prominent Ladinologist Vidal Sephiha. There was a presentation by Eliezer
papo on the Agada de los Partizanes (Todo el ke tu vien-se ambre - es suproblema e ke muere de ambre. Este anio aki - a el anio a vinien biveremos raki. este anio aki servos - a el anio a vinien en tera de Saray hijos foros ), which he is preparing to publish soon (some verses are in his book). I presented two songs by Sabina yanatou, "La kantiga del fuego" (de Salonik 1917) and "Primavera en Saloniko". A group of students from Belgrade University presented their work on judeo-spanish songs. Many
times the Belgrade delegate Drita Tutonovich (of Salonika descent, partly) sang many judeo-spanish songs (Alta es la Luna, De ke yoras Ninia Bianka, los Bilbilikos, Morenika and many others we all know and some we don't.) Drita sang on this and in many other ocasions.
 Songs in Judeo-spanish were also sung my the croatian-jewish singer Kabilio. Particularly moving was the song of Isak Papo of Serajevo, on the destruction of the city. If anyone has the words, please send them to the list. Isak Papo died some years ago in Croatia - of old age, thank God. During one night we all sang the judeo-spanish songs we recalled, and then switched to other languages as well, Bulgarian, Serbian, Spanish, Russian and Greek in my case , since Greek songs seem to be popular in Greece's
Northern neighbours, although not nearly as they are in Israel.
 I am sorry only for having sometimes entered some discussions on Yugoslavia with some of the ex-yugoslav participants. apparently, the jews of the communities of that country are trying  to get together once more, but the unwritten law is "no discussions on the breakup of Yugoslavia" which I, an outsider, broke. Thus I was dispproved in that case by everybody - including the one whose side is closer to my heart. By Ms. Sonja S...ka from Croatia there was an anouncement of a new sephardic event in the island of Brach of the Dalmatian coast next mid-September (one week). The event is called "Beyahad" (they cannot use the
serbo-croatian word for that, Zaedno, for political reasons). I wish them every luck and suggest that as many of us go - moneywise it's a REAL bargain. For that reason, I will NOT go - retrograde balkanian paranoids like me could not be there more than 24 hours without speaking about their disreputable (now dead) Holocaust-denying president and his infamous book "Bespuchna ...." I might even add words like that the event is made to whitewash that impression - something the organizers of "Beyachad" certainly do NOT deserve. Sonja showed us a video-tape of a similar event last year.
  There was also an improvised theater of some bulgarian women in Judeo-spanish, including a "shiduh" and a marriage.
  The last day there was a fiesta and a Barbecue.
 I enjoyed the events very much. Again, these are my PERSONAL impressions and I have only an oral memory - and an admitedly balkanian tendency to assimilate things selectively.                                    Sam H.
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Samuel H.: Reply to Andrew A. "Irving's trial" - 12.4.00

Andrew, I cannot argue with what you say TODAY !!!  I never saw the stuff you write TILL YESTERDAY !!! I sent you a message on Irving some months ago and you did not reply anything approaching what you say now. In fact, till yesterday, it was easy to think that it might have been proven that even though his ideas are eccentric, his methodology as an historian cannot be questioned and he does not make up things - as Lipstatt claims. He works - like you - in researching archives. If he often picks up documents to suit his preconceived notions - he is NOT unique.
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Andrew A.: Reply to Samuel H. "Irving's trial" - 12.4.00
I must disagree, again. Anybody who knows Irving's reputation, has read Lipstadt's book and heard some of his outlandish claims during the trial would have seen that he was going to lose. He claimed that millions of Jews were spirited out of eastern Europe by the Haganah to Palestine where their identities were changed. Aside from being pure drivel the population of
Israel in 1948 was around 600,000, so where did these millions supposedly go? Syria perhaps? Irving is a fool who had a terrible case, no barrister would have advised him to sue, against a very well researched historian who also had top counsel on her side.
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Samuel H.: Reply to Andrew A. "Irving's trial" - 12.4.00
Sorry Andrew "easy" is easy to say today - we are all Epimitheus rather than Promitheus. It was NOT my impression that it was easy till yesterday. I desperately tried to see the web on the trial, but nothing compares to Irving's site !  Even the expression we used - "trial of holocaust denier" - leaves us at a disarray : the trila was about his reputation as an historian - not on the holocaust, which he admits that he denies, after putting some doubts on the ambiguity of the term.
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Andrew A.: Reply to Samuel H. "Irving's trial" - 12.4.00

In a message dated 4/12/00  06:59:58AM,
<< Articles in  Haarets kept on repeating that given the british libel law system, his victim Lipstatt was on the defensive and had to prove her points, through a barrier of British lawyers who were the only ones who could address the court in her name. >>
this was easily done as Irving had condemned himself on numerous occasions. He took a risk but got the publicity he wanted. He won't go away but it will be difficult for fools at universities to take him seriously now.
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Samuel H.: Irving's trial - 12.4.00

As a descendant of Salonikan jews, I would like to express how relieved we all feel after the outcome of the infamous holocaust denier Irving.   During his trial, I somehow felt desperate that in the cyberspace his web site was the best - I could find almost nothing elsewhere. Articles in Haarets kept on repeating that given the british libel law system, his victim Lipstatt was on the defensive and had to prove her points, through a barrier of British lawyers who were the only ones who could address the court in her name. There is something on Holocaust denial which is particularly evil - and it is not the claim that we might have got some of the facts or numbers wrong (as we inevitably do in wars): it's the claim that there is a big conspiracy with the participation of the Zionists, the Communist, the anti-communist US, UK and FRG Governments and the world jewish
organization to create a non-event , to justify their present policies.
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Eliana P.: Petition "Say No to Haider" - 28.3.00
Please remember to add your name to this petition...
And forward to your friends... everywhere!
This fight is not over...
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Asher M.: Passover songs - 25.3.00
1. A Passover Song [Sung to the tune of "These are a few of my favorite
Cleaning and cooking and so many dishes / Out with the hametz, no pasta, no knishes
Fish that's gefillted, horseradish that stings / These are a few of our Passover things.
Matzoh and karpas and chopped up haroset / Shankbones and Kiddish and Yiddish neuroses
Tante who kvetches and uncle who sings / These are a few of our Passover things.
Motzi and maror and trouble with Pharoahs / Famines and locusts and slaves with wheelbarrows
Matzoh balls floating and eggshell that cling / These are a few of our Passover things.
When the plagues strike / When the lice bite / When we're feeling sad
We simply remember our Passover things / And then we don't feel so bad.

2. There's No Seder Like our Seder(sung to the tune of "There's no Business
like Show business")
There's no seder like our seder, / There's no seder I know.
Everything about it is Halachic / nothing that the Torah won't allow.
Listen how we read the whole Haggadah It's all in Hebrew / 'Cause we know how.
There's no Seder like our seder, / We tell a tale that is swell:
Moses took the people out into the heat They baked the matzoh / While on their feet
Now isn't that a story / That just can't be beat? Let's go on with the show!

3. Take Us Out of Egypt / (sung to the tune of "Take me out to the ball game")
Take us out of Egypt / Free us from slavery
Bake us some matzoh in a haste / Don't worry 'bout flavor--
Give no thought to taste. / Oh it's rush, rush, rush, to the Red Sea If we don't cross it's a shame
    For it's ten plagues, / Down and you're out At the Pesach history game.

4. Take Me Out To The Seder (To the tune of , of course, "Take Me Out to the
Ball game!")
Take me out to the Seder / Take me out with the crowd.
Feed me on matzah and chicken legs, / I don't care for the hard-boiled eggs.
And its root, root, root for Elijah / That he will soon reappear.
And let's hope, hope, hope that we'll meet / Once again next year!
Take me out to the Seder / Take me out with the crowd.
Read the Haggadah / And don't skip a word.
Please hold your talking, / We want to be heard.
And lets, root, root, root for the leader / That he will finish his spiel
So we can nosh, nosh, nosh and by-gosh / Let's eat the meal!!!

5. Elijah (to the tune of "Maria")
Elijah! / I just saw the prophet Elijah. / And suddenly that name
Will never sound the same to me. / Elijah! / He came to our seder / Elijah!
He had his cup of wine, / But could not stay to dine / This year-- / Elijah!
For your message all Jews are waiting: That the time's come for peace and not hating-- / Elijah ?
Next year we'll be waiting./ Elijah!

6. Les Miselijah (to the tune of "Do you hear the people Sing" from Les
Do you hear the doorbell ring, / And it's a little after ten?
It can only be Elijah / Come to take a sip again.
He is feeling pretty fine / But in his head a screw is loose.
So perhaps instead of wine / We should only give him juice.

7. Just a Tad of Charoset (to the tune of "Just a spoon full of sugar")
Just a tad of charoset helps the bitter herbs go down,
The bitter herbs go down, the bitter herbs go down.
Just a tad of charoset helps the bitter herbs go down, / In the most
disguising way.
Oh, back in Egypt long ago, / The Jews were slaves under Pharaoh.
They sweat and toiled and labored / through the day.
So when we gather Pesach night, / We do what we think right.
Maror, we chew, / To feel what they went through.
So after years of slavery / They saw no chance of being free.
Their suffering was the only life they knew. But baby Moses grew up tall,
And said he'd save them all. / He did, and yet,
We swear we won't forget. / That......
While the maror is being passed, / We all refill our water glass,
Preparing for the taste that turns us red. Although maror seems full of minuses,
It sure does clear our sinuses. / But what's to do?
It's hard to be a Jew!!!
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Frances R.: Barnes & Noble respond to concerns on Protocols Book - 28.3.00
New York, NY, March 28, 2000...The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) said today that and Barnes & have agreed to prominently place on their Web sites ADL's statement that The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion is an anti-Semitic Czarist forgery. ADL said the online booksellers would state that they do not endorse the views expressed in the book or the publisher's description should one appear, which has had instituted for some time.
Abraham H. Foxman, ADL National Director, issued the following statement:
We are pleased that and Barnes & have responded positively to our concerns and those of the public, and have instituted ways to alert their customers to the fact that the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion is a forgery. Since we are not in the business of banning books, no matter how reprehensible they may be, we sought and achieved the best solution to inform book buyers. Both and Barnes & have demonstrated corporate responsibility and we commend them for it.
Following is ADL's statement on the Protocols which will appear on and Barnes &
"From the Anti-Defamation League: The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion, circulated by the Czarist secret police at the turn of the 20th century, is plainly and simply a plagiarized forgery. The Protocols has been a major weapon in the arsenals of anti-Semites around the world, republished and circulated by individuals, hate groups and governments to convince the gullible as well as the bigoted that Jews have schemed and plotted to take over the world."
In addition, Barnes and Noble bookstores will no longer shelve The Protocols under "Judaica," but under "World History."
The Anti-Defamation League, founded in 1913, is the world's leading organization fighting anti-Semitism through programs and services that counteract hatred, prejudice and bigotry.
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Art F.: I wish to organize a protest against Barnes & Noble - 24.3.00
I read with great interest the piece on the "Protocols of the elders of Zion".  I am very familiar with this piece of antisemitic trash and was deeply disturbed to hear that Barnes & Noble was distributing it.  I wrote them, hoping that it wasn't true, but their reply, namely that they will distribute all books in print, really angered me.  I wrote back asking them if they would also carry a book that I plan to write which will defame and slander their corporation with vicious lies, as the "protocols" have done to our people since the Tzar originally commisioned this piece of garbage. I have yet to receive a reply.
To the best of your knowledge, is anything being done to combat this?  I would be willing to devote much time to organizing some form of protest, which would at least include a boycott of their stores.  Any suggestions? Be well and G-d bless you and yours.
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Julio & Dolly B.: ACT NOW! The Protocols of the Elders of Zion at Barnes & Noble - 21.3.00

Everyone....listen up! Barnes and Noble has recently begun carrying the "Protocols of the Elders of Zion."  We have all heard about this anti-Semitic forgery purporting to represent a Jewish Plot to take over the world.  The following is the text of an e-mail to Barnes & Noble sent By Rabbi Eric A. Silver of Temple Beth David, 3 Main St., Cheshire, CT 06410-2494.  Perhaps if enough of us do similarly, they will hear the wake-up call. Please copy and paste the message below and send it to Barnes & Noble and to everyone you know asking them to do the same.
Send to:
Subject:  "The Protocols of the Elders of Zion"
I have read the following letter to you from Rabbi Eric A. Silver and I agree with his views completely.  "The Protocols of the Elders of Zion" is an anti-Semitic forgery created to disparage Jews and to disseminate hatred.  I was appalled to discover that you are listing the book on your Internet site under Judaica, and concurrently, carrying it in your stores under the same heading. Since I am a believer in freedom of the press, I would question only your judgment in carrying the book at all, since it is a scurrilous, hate-mongering text.  However, you do not have the right to carry it under the rubric of "Judaica" because that is what it manifestly is not. Would you carry a book written by the KKK purporting to be an African-American plot to take over the world as "Black Literature?"  In the name of honesty, I insist that you not participate in the misrepresentation of this book as "Judaica."  Perhaps you should create a separate category called "hate-literature" or "propaganda" and carry it there with the disclaimer that the book is, in fact, a forgery.  That in the name of honesty. In the name of sheer decency, you should not carry the book at all.  In the name of responsible business practices, you owe it to your customers to act immediately and unequivocally, and to cease being a partner in a fraudulent venture that has cost untold thousands of lives.  I will not patronize Barnes and Noble, its Internet site or its stores, until you do something to remedy this situation.  I will  do my level best to advise as many people as I can of the fact that you are carrying this scurrilous anti-Semitic tract and are  misrepresenting it as "Judaica" rather than the hate-literature it is.
Sincerely, Your name
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Julio & Dolly B.: Concerned about what is going on in Austria - 15.2.00

We do not feel obliged to claim Austria's "innocence". The to-be government is in support of the majority of Austria's population. We have no reason to claim Haider is "just another" populist. He is not. He is a populist that operates with xenophobia, racism and the denial of the Holocaust. The major threat is not the increase of direct violence against minorities. The major threat is the signal that far right agitation and action is not only ok but earns you a place in government. As opportunism is one of the most prominent features of the "Austrian mentality", this is a severe political danger. We have reason to be afraid of
* the final end of refugee or integration policies
* increasing xenophobia, racism and even antisemitism, because Austia has never faced its past and now people have governmental legitimation for such attitudes
* law and order policies instead of co-operative strategies to deal with crime and conflict
* abolition of progressive women's policies (e.g. the post of the minister for women's affairs will be cancelled and replaced by an extended family ministery)
* severe restrictions to freedom of art, especially where it puts a finger on the state of the Austrian society (already, in Carinthia, artists are faced with political limitations to their work)
* restrictions to the freedom of press, because subsidies for critical media products will most certainly be cut down. We don't know yet what to do about it.
We need both your solidarity and your ongoing critisism. Don't stop looking at our country.
If you agree with the content, please copy it to a new message and forward it to others.
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Samuel H.: Sepharadi Tahor - 12.2.00

Anybody interested in joining this project ? Problem with those fellows is that they are too pro-turkish for my taste- last week they had an article about the suffering of turkish cypriots because of the "sanctions". I dared reply that I do not think it is appropriate to use their list for pro-turkish propaganda, but got a flood of negative replies.
Date: Fri, 11 Feb 2000 19:14:42 EST
Subject: Sepharadi Tahor
Muy Karo Gad,
Meldaste mi edititorial en Erensia Sefardi? Esto yamando a todos los muestros de Israel, los 400,000 a 500,000 de unirse en un partido politiko, "PAS" et Partido Authentiko Sefaradi, para tener una voz en la Knesset. Te akordas el tiempo kuando El Haham Bachi, el primo en Sion devia ser de los Muestros, i teniya poder politiko, antes de la invasyon inglesa. Kuando muestra lengwa era la lengwa de los oficiales politikos. Agora los Mizrahim mos arovamos el Haham Bachilik, ke no estuvo de los muestros de los 1950's. I tambien ay unos kuanto partido politiko, komo Shas, ke se yaman Sefaradi, ma ke no lo son.  espiertate kon muestro ermanos de Morit i la otras organisasyon Sefaradiats pura en Israel, porke la salvasyon de muestro puevlo Sefaradi deve venir de la Tierra Santa. Dime lo ke pensas?
To Post a message, send it to: / To Unsubscribe, send a blank message to:
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Ivri NASAWI - Biweekly News & Views - 9.2.00

Good afternoon, buenas tardes, bon apres midi,
Ivri-NASAWI is an independent organization founded in 1996 which celebrates the rich legacy and thriving contemporary expressions of Sephardic and Mizrahi culture. It works to promote Sephardic/Mizrahi music, literature, art and history through advocacy, entertainment and education. Ivri-NASAWI is strongly committed to the principle of cross-cultural cooperation, and supports the strengthening of ties within the Jewish community as well as between all peoples of Middle Eastern descent.
If you wish to subscribe, please write "subscribe me" in your reply mail, write "remove me" if you want to removed from this update. You must respond if you wish to receive further updates from us. Kol tuv.
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Leon S.: Holocaust Conference rejects Bulgaria's request - 1.2.00
Organizers of the international Holocaust conference in Stockholm on 27 January say they rejected a request by Bulgaria to add a clause to the forum's final declaration about the country's exemplary treatment of Jews during World War II, Reuters reported. The Swedish Foreign Ministry noted that many countries made requests for additional clauses but added that the organizers did not want them included because they wanted the declaration to be more general. The rejection was welcomed by the Jewish community of Greece, which had expressed outrage at the Bulgarian request. Bulgarian President Petar Stoyanov told the conference that his country takes pride in the fact that it rescued its entire 50,000- strong Jewish population from being sent to Nazi concentration camps. 
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Leon S.: A New Online Community for Ladino - 11.1.00

All Ladino speakers/writers and interested persons are invited to join a new discussion list in Ladino (Judeo-Spanish), aiming to communicate in Ladino on subjects of mutual interest, promote the use and knowledge of Ladino, and aid in standardizing the spelling of Ladino written in Roman characters. To subscribe: or e-mail to:
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Julio & Dolly B.: - 21.11.99

This is the answer I got back from Barnes & Noble. I am asking you to try to change their minds about trying to sell Adolph
Hitler's book Mein Kampf through their stores. Let us approach them gently and try to convince them in an educated way,
that the selling of that book does not bring anything constructive, but by the contrary it is a bad example of irrationalle that brings hatred and racism back, when what we should be doing is bring peace and tolerance among us human beings.
Please send them a polite e-mail, telling them about your feelings. You can do it in any language, even if it is different than English it will be the best as they will realize that other persons through out the world are also against this pernicious act; the sale of Adolph Hitler's book Mein Kampf. The company's economic health does not stand on the sale of the book. We
are not trying to censor that specific book we are just asking them not to promote it as they are doing it. They could even post an add that will tell people that want still to read it that it is available at the local library and the library should in that case have some copies for the persons that are interested in reading it.
Please write to them to: "" <bncom>
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Julio & Dolly B.: A New Surprise from! - 20.11.99

Dear Sirs of Barnes and Noble:
You are shooting yourselves in the foot.
If you keep the "open ?" policy of selling the controversial Hitler's Mein Kampf book you will loose for a small book, a lot of sales. Believe me people will start boycotting your bookstores. You will at the end loose a lot of sales just because somebody stands in a very stubborn way trying to sell a book that is not helping anybody, not even his author or any good purpose.
It serves other not so good purposes, I would call them even evil purposes. If you say that this is a censorship action it is not. If anyone still wants to read that book they can go to the public libraries and still read them or make an investigation on anything they find interesting. From now on until you really stand for an educated and civilized way of handling this matter I will not buy a sole book from your company. I know I do not count much but a lot like me will follow. wrote:
Dear customer:
Once you click, you will never think about email the same way again.
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Samuel H.: La Megila de Saray

For those of us who still have some understanding of judeo-spanish, Irecommend the book I read about in Kerem's newsletter, "La Megila de Saray", on the Serajevo Jews, by Eliezer Papo, now in Israel, who serves that community as a hazan.  Of course, if anyone asks the question "which side is he on", the answer is that he speaks of events up to 1990 and expresses the good relations
with both the moslem and the serbian community - not so much the croatian community. He also shows in a very funny way how different people in the same jewish family identify with different sides. Thus, in the time of the census of 1990 (census are events regarded with hostility by all bosnians, who in 1990 reacted by refusing to respond to the categories of the census - by declaring their nationality is "indian", "apache" and other things), he reproduces the discussion between two Serajevo Jews:
a. What did you declare your nationality was?
b. Indian. And you ?
a. Apache.
b. I always knew you are a moslem secessionist
a. And I knew you are a greater-serbian unitarist.
Significantly, though, Papo - whose book is written in 1999 - refuses to join the demonization-of-Serbia circus, in which unfortunately many of our fellow jews are so active !!!  Israeli friends can order the book directly from Papo, 45 NIS. If any
greek friend is interested, I can bring some of these books when in Greece in early december, it's 3,500 drs more or less.
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