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Holocaust Era Insurance Claims
- Jewish Emergency 
- How Can I get the money?  Keep Reading!
- See the website
- A Scandal
- Why ??
- Companies are happy there have been so few claims
- Here is how you get the money!
- Help Line Telephone Numbers

This database will be updated as the ICHEIC obtains more names. You are encouraged to check back frequently.The lists were last updated on 04-04-2000. 

Jewish Emergency 
Please forward this message to all Jews or descendants of Holocaust victims on your address book list. Print the message and hang it in your synagogue or other Jewish organization. Even if you are under 30 years of age this message is for you. This is an urgent message for all Jewish families whose parents, grandparents, great grandparents, or they themselves lived in Europe between 1920 and 1945. Hundreds of thousands of Jews purchased Life insurance, education or dowry annuities in the years prior to Holocaust. As a result of the Holocaust most of these policies went unpaid.  In some cases the companies actually paid the death benefits of Jews murdered in Auschwitz to Hitler. A portion of this money may belong to your family.

How Can I get the money?  Keep Reading! 
There is now a simple way to claim this money without any fees or expense to you or your family whatsoever. Insurance Commissioners in California, New York, Washington State, Florida and other states demanded that the European Insurance Companies pay legitimate claims or loose the right to sell insurance in these very lucrative markets. As a result of this pressure, together with the Claims Conference, the State of Israel, and various survivor organizations, the Insurance companies agreed to participate in what has become the International Commission on Holocaust Era Insurance Claims (ICHEIC). 

See the website 
This Commission chaired by Former Secretary of State Lawrence Eagleberger has been established to quickly settle any legitimate Insurance claims that were unpaid after the Shoah.

A Scandal 
Even though tens of thousands of Jewish families are owed money there have been very few claims to date. Our families bought insurance so that there would be an estate in the event of their death. They did this out of love and caring and it would be a crime to let the Insurance companies keep your family's money. 

Why ?? 
Most families say sure, it is logical that MY ANCESTERS OWNED insurance policies, but we have no hard evidence. So they don't bother to apply. You do not need to have hard evidence. You only need to know the names of your family, where they lived and their approximate birth year. With that information the Commission will have each of the member companies search their archives. If there is a match, they will pay the entire amount adjusted to current value of the policy. There is no limit. Hundreds have already received their checks in some cases as much as $50,000 or more.

Companies are happy there have been so few claims 
The money to pay for these claims comes out of the general funds of these companies so they are delighted there have been so few claims. If they keep the money...the crime of the Holocaust continues to this day. 

Here is how you get the money! 
Make a claim for your family
t is easy and free. Simply check the list below for the telephone number for your country.  Most numbers are toll free.
Ask for your free claim form. It will be sent to you within 14 days. 
Fill in the claim form and return it to the International Commission for processing.  You could receive your check in as few as 90 days. 
Or go to the ICHEIC Website and download the claim form. 
If your claim was paid to the Nazis or if there are other extenuating circumstance the International Commission has Humanitarian Funds to pay the claim. 
This message is being sent by Concerned Children of Holocaust Survivors who do not want money, which belongs to our families to remain in the hands and general funds of the Insurance companies. 

United States 1-800-957-3203 
Canada   - English 1-800-496-1974 
               - French 1-800-498-2091 
Israel   - Hebrew 1-800-93-00-011 
            - Russian 1-800-93-00-012 
            - Yiddish/English 1-800-93-00-014 
Argentina* 1-212-462-7850* 
Australia 1-800-706-922 
Austria* 1-212-462-7150* 
Belarus 375-017-263-45-53 
Belgium 0-800-77-058 
Brazil 00-817-452-1360 
Bulgaria* 1-212-462-7100* 
Chile* 1-212-462-7850* 
Croatia* 1-212-462-7100* 
Czech Republic* 1-212-462-7700* 
Denmark* 1-212-462-7800* 
Finland 0-800-111-165 
France 0-800-914-842 
Georgia 995-32-94-26-83 
Germany 0-800-180-2032 
Greece* 1-212-462-7800* 
Hungary 06-800-13908 
Italy 800-875-021 
Latvia 371-7-28-9580 
Mexico 00-1-800-559-1989 
Moldova 373-2237-245 
Netherlands 0-800-022-0285 
New Zealand 0-800-442-035 
Poland 00-800-111-3242 
Portugal* 1-212-462-7800* 
Romania* 1-212-462-7750* 
Russia 7-095-204-17-49 
Serbia* 1-212-462-7100* 
Slovakia* 1-212-462-7100* 
South Africa 0-800-997-961 
Spain* 1-212-462-7850* 
Sweden 0-207-966-77 
Switzerland 0-800-834-503 
Turkey* 1-212-462-7800* 
Ukraine 380-44-216-53-96 
United Kingdom 0-800-169-8318 
Uruguay* 1-212-462-7850* 
Venezuela 800-1-2692 
* Ask your operator to place an international reverse charge (collect call) to this number. You will not pay for the call. 


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