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A list of Jewish Cemeteries in Greece & Bibliography
received from Samuel Hassid - 5.7.00 

This has just appeared in a sephardic bulletin - it may be of interest to some people of your site. Note that the book of Imanuel is fascinating - before the destruction of the Salonika cemetery during German occupation Emmanuel sent his brother to write down the inscriptions of the tombstones on that cemetery, sensing that the days of the cemetery are numbered. The brother of Immanuel
perished in the holocaust, but his notes somehow survived and appeared in a book (in Hebrew). Another book on the same subject by Rabbi Michael Molho - co-author of "In Memoriam" - also in Hebrew. I have a positive attitude to cemetery studying when it comes to discover lost cultures - a negative one when it is part of hate-mongering and contemporary agendas. Samuel Hassid 

* Several books about Greece are in the library at Jerusalem and listed in Printed Books on Jewish cemeteries in the Jewish National and University Library in Jerusalem: an annotated bibliography; by Mathilde Tragger. Jerusalem: The Israel Genealogical Society, 1997. Noted by the towns as source: MT
* Source for Athens, Rhodes, and the first two items in Solonika: World Guide for the Jewish Traveler by Warren Freedman, E.P. Dutton Inc, NY 1984.
* The Jewish Travel Guide, 1992, Published by the Jewish Chronicle-London.
* Jewish Sites and Synagogues of Greece, 1992, Talos Press, ISBN 960-7459-01-6.
In the Jewish cemetery at Kolina is a Martyrs Memorial. In the center is a pyramid listing the Jews killed by the Nazis in every Greek city. See also Kol haKEHILA page on the Jewish Community of Athens
* British Commonwealth Cemetery: Remains of soldiers of World War II Jewish Brigade. Source: World Jewish Congress' Dateline December 1998
In the Chaklis synagogue on Kotsou Street (rebuilt on its original foundation in 1849), the wall itself contains tombstones removed from the ancient cemetery. The ancient Jewish cemetery holds 1,200-year-old tombstones that were desecrated by vandals throughout the ages. A protective wall was built in 1897. Tombstone inscriptions in the cemetery go back more than fifteen centuries. See also Kol haKEHILA page on the Jewish Holocaust Monument of Halkis
There is an ancient synagogue and cemetery here on Valissariou Street.
See: A Corpus of Hebrew Epitaphs in Patras by S. Bowman. Athens, 1980. Pages 49-75. Illustrated. S2 81B1767. 31 tombstones date from 1555-1682, no index. Source: Printed Books on Jewish cemeteries in the Jewish National and University Library in Jerusalem: an annotated bibliography; by Mathilde Tragger. Jerusalem: The Israel Genealogical Society, 1997.
RHODES (Dodecanese Islands)
There is a listing of the 1,167 tombstones in the Jewish cemetery of Rhodes, including the plot locations. (This list does not include the over 200 newly discovered tombstones which date from the 1500's to the 1840's.) The Rhodes Jewish Museum and the non-profit Rhodes Jewish Historical Foundation, founded by Aron Hasson.
* Jewish cemetery in Rhodes: {10682} 8 Simmious St. Jewish cemetery is the middle of three cemeteries. http://www.RhodesJewishMuseum.Org/cemetery.htm for images and translations of a few of the 17th-19th century tombstones.
News and photos of the Cemetery Restoration Project are at http://www.RhodesJewishMuseum.Org/news.htm. Names from the stones displayed at the web site are excerpted below. The numbers refer to the year of burial. Beyond the triple-arched entrance gate are rows of neat white crypts with inscriptions dating back many centuries. A marble monument identifies the 2,000 Jews of Rhodes and Kos killed by the Nazis. For more information, contact Lucia Soulam (Sofocleous 6E, Rhodes Greece 85100) or Morris Soriano (Odos Cos 3, Rhodes, Greece). Lucia is a survivor of Auschwitz. Both Lucia and Morris are elderly but Lucia is the caretaker of the Kal De Shalom Synagogue in Rhodes. She speaks Judeo-Spanish (Ladino), Italian, Greek and a little French and Turkish. Morris speaks Ladino, French, Turkish and Greek. Both speak very little English. Source: Arthur Benveniste.
Kal Shalom, a Sephardic Synagogue survived the Nazis on the Isle of Rhodes. On the wall of the synagogue is a memorial plaque with the names of the families lost when the Nazis deported the Jewish community to Auschwitz. Here is the entire text of the
plaque: "EN MEMOIRE DES DEUX MILLE MARTYRS DE LA COMMUNAUTE JUIVE DE RHODES ET COS BRUTALEMENT ANEANTIS PAR LES MEURTRIERS NAZIS DANS LES CAMPS DE CONCENTRATION EN ALLEMAGNE 1944-1945 QUE LEUR ANE REPOSE EN PAIX." Translation: Of the two thousand martyrs of the Jewish community of Rhodes and Cos Brutally annihilated by the murderous Nazis in the Concentration Camps in Germany 1944-1945 May their soul(s) rest in peace. (Names follow here) {10108}. "A LA MEMOIRE DE MON PERE ASCHER MA MERE SAROTA, MON FRERE JACQUES ET MA SOEUR FLORE AVEC SON MARI M. LEVI TOUS DEUX DEPORTES YEDID CHARHON 1969." Translation: "To the memory of my father Ascher my mother Sarota, my brother Jacques (James, Jacob) and my sister Flore (Flora) with her husband Mr. Levi both deported Yedid Charmon 1969". Translation from Richard William Miller on JewishGen digest. [1998]
See also Kol haKEHILA pages on Rhodes
The old cemetery was destroyed in 1943 by the Nazis. Aristotelian University stands on that site today. In the local cemetery at STAVROUPOLIS is a striking memorial to the 50,000 Greek Jews whom the Nazis murdered at Auschwitz. There are Jewish tombstones on the small Greek island of Chios, dating back to 1543.
BOOKS: Source: National and University Library, Jerusalem
* Beit ha'almin shel yehudei Saloniki, (Saloniki Jewish cemetery) by Molho, Michael Shelomo; Saloniki-Tel Aviv, 1932, 28 p. (Hebrew); Notes: Period: l6l5-1828. 44 tbsts, no index. source: National and University Library, Jerusalem.
* Matsevot beit ha'almin shel yehudei Saloniki, (Saloniki Jewish cemetery Tombstones) by Molho, Michael Shelomo; Tel Aviv, 1974, 682p. (Hebrew) Notes: Period: 1502-1941. 164O tbsts & 465 added names list. Names index. The two books are not identical.
* Beveit ha almin shel yehudei saloniki (In Thessaloniki Jewish cemetery) by M. Molho. Thessaloniki, 1932-1933. 4 parts, Hebrew. S36A858. Notes: part 1: 44 tombstones, 1515-1828, chronology; part 2:35 tombstones (some not complete), 1542-1821, chronology; part 3: 44 tombstones, 1515-1828; chronology; part 4: 38 tombstones, 1502-1830, generally Rabbis or outstanding personalities, general family names index.
* El cementerio judio de Salonica (The Jewish cemetery in Thessaloniki), by M. Molho. In: Sefarad, t. IX, 1949. 24 pages, Spanish. S61B2135. Notes: Epitaphs history and archaeological analysis, some photographs.
* Matsevot beit ha almin shel yehudei saloniki (Tombstones in Thessaloniki Jewish cemetery), by M. Molho. Tel Aviv. 1974. 682 pages, Hebrew. S75A2238. Notes: 1640 tombstones, 1502-1941, plus list of 465 names 1676-1861, general index of family names.
* Hebrew Title... (Stone Engravings...on Tombstones and Inscriptions) by E. Carmoli. Paris, 186?. Pages 19-40, Hebrew. 26V255. Notes: 50 inscriptions, 903-1675 (some no date), chronology, Rabbis and some rabbis wives, citation of books where the inscriptions have been found.
* Gedolei Saloniki ledorotam (Generations of Thessaloniki (Jewish outstanding personalities), by I. S. Emmanuel. Tel Aviv, 1936. 335,8 pages, Hebrew and French, added title page. 42A972. Notes: 493 tombstones (36 not complete +25 erased), 1550-1660, chronology, alphabetical names index.
* Matsevot Saloniki (Thessaloniki tombstones) by I. S. Emmanuel. Jerusalem, 1963, 2 volumes, illustrated, Hebrew. S63A3070. Notes: 1858 inscriptions, volume 1: 1502-1680 & volume 2: 1681-1939, individual birthplaces (Mediterranean Basin & Portugal), index of communities, bibliography of cited manuscripts arranged by location.
See also Kol haKEHILA page on Salonika and Salonika at the index of Jewish sites of Greece.
STAVROUPOLIS: see Saloniki 

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