Travel sketchbooks exhibition
by Elias Messinas
A&A building, Yale University, New Haven
November 1991

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An exhibition based on the travel sketchbooks of Architect Elias Messinas, who at the time was a second-year student at the Masters Program of the Yale School of Architecture.
The exhibition included two aspects: 
a. Copies of the sketchbooks pages on the wall, and the original sketchbooks inside a glass case
b. A mural composed of sketches from the sketchbook pages. The sketches chosen for the mural were view of streets, cities, and places, such as Madrid, David's tower in Jerusalem, La Defence in Paris, the Acropolis of Athens, the Yale campus, the port of Herakleion in Crete, Greece, and others. These places were drawn with a continuous line, connecting the one place with the other. The common denominator was the horizon line, which was set at the viewer's height, creating thus a new reality, a new "place" (composed of many other places). The mural played an important role in the re-presentation of the visual experiences of the viewer (the artist, in this case): the small sketches with which the artist drew existing "places" in the sketchbooks from reality, were enlarged and re-drawn on the wall to become a new "place", a new reality, as presentated and re-presentated by the artist.
General view of the front gallery.
left: mural, and right: sketchbooks
General view of the front gallery.
right: mural, and left: sketchbooks
View of the mural.
View of the sketchbooks, which were exhibited inside a glass case 
Sketching in Jerusalem 
with Technion students

Sketchbooks online

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