Folegandros ... Santorini
Images from Greece
by Elias V. Messinas, Architect
A JOURNEY of unique beauty unfolds: of the Greek light and color, of views of islands, cities, antiquities, and landscapes. Among them Athens, Meteora, and the islands of Folegandros, and Santorini. Taken from the travel sketchbooks of Elias Messinas, they are represented within a wooden structure modeled after a Greek temple, and giant murals on the walls of the gallery.

PLACE: Jerusalem Theater Gallery (17/12/02 - 17/1/03)

OPENING RECEPTION: 22/12/02 sponsored by the Consulate General of Greece in Jerusalem.

- "Topia kai Mnimeia tis Elladas sta Ierosolyma" by Nikos Vatopoulos, Kathimerini - 24.12.02
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