Mei Mabuah Ecological Center
Yeruham, the Negev

Identity A pioneering group of Israelis decided to establish a pioneering center for ecological living, research and studying in Yeruham in the Negev. A site defined by the Ministry of Housing, as a site for alternative tourism, but which was shortly, once the new urban plan was ready, diverted to be used as a religious establisment. A preliminary design proposal was prepared as a fund-raising tool for prospect supporters of the project.

Organization The center is organized along a linear axis that runs north-south, along which are organized the buildings of the center. The linear axis offers shaded areas for movement and access to the buildings.

Materials The buildings would use local materials and techniques, such as adobe and rammed earth and natural materials such as wood.

'Green' design The Mei Mabuah complex was intended to act as a showcase for renewable energy technologies, ecological technologies and materials, water recycling, a 'living machine' waste water treatment unit, waste recycling and composting, energy conservation, ecological construction, and an advanced ecological character, rooted in the deep commitment of the people who intended to live and work in this center.