Martin Luther King Monument Competition
Washington, DC

Organization The Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial unfolds in three axes: the man, the movement and the message.

The man The man Dr. Luther King is represented by a pool of water. Water is the source of life, movement and change. Whether in an ocean, river, lake or wellspring, water is the element that brings forth, nurtures and maintains life.
Movement Movement is an integral part of the memorial. It takes the form of a bridge connecting between the city and the core of the memorial. This bridge guides people to move along it, leading them away from the city and into the memorial. To reach the memorial, the visitor needs to go through a process, a physical and spiritual journey. The Luther King bridge of movement virtually connects to two significant architectural memorials in the city: the Lincoln Memorial to its northwest, and the Jefferson Memorial to its southeast.
The Message The message constitutes the core of the memorial. It is designed in the form of a ship along the axis of the church of Atlanta, Georgia, connecting the library where Martin Luther King's work is deposited and studied. Visitors promenade along this axis, along the surfaces engraved with excerpts of Martin Luther King's literary work. The symbolism of the ship stands for Martin Luther King's message of equality, respect, freedom, justice and ultimately pluralism.

Organization A linear monument that connects between an historic city, a message, and a man.

Materials Finishes in the same stone as most of Washington's monuments are constructed, making this memorial an integral part of the city.