Greek public school canteens
Northern Greece

Identity A project initiated by Maria Seitopoulou of CO2 Green Office in Athens, the project aims to give a design solution for the public school canteens in Greece. The design follows the philosophy developed by Maria Seitopoulou, to not only upgrade the canteen menu, but to upgrade the canteen premises as well. The design is inspired by the name of the canteens - 'KYPSELI' (bee-hive) - and borrows both from the color palette and the textures. The design follows the strictest requirements of the Greek health regulations.

Organization The spaces are divided into two parts: the preparation area (kitchen and storage) and dining area. Where this is not presently existing, the team recommends alternative spaces within the school to provide for these uses.

Materials Low-to-zero VOCs laminated wood and certified woods, stainless steel surfaces, ceramic tiles, and green-label paints.

'Green' design The environmental strategy of the project includes a 'green' strategy both in the design, content and operation of the canteen. This includes the materials and finishes, natural daylight and ventilation - where possible - encouragement of a vegetable garden in the school yard to grow produce locally and a compost corner to recycle organic waste from the canteen operation. Finally, low-energy (class B or higher) appliances are recommended.

The project started in 2013 and is on-going.