Zografos residence
Livadi, island of Aegina

Identity A summer residence designed and built as an extension to an existing summer house in the Cycladic traditional architectural style. The new extension maintained the same volume and height with the existing building but, although it borrowed architectural elements and a similar 'traditional' character, it is a modern passive solar house.

Organization The house is organized in a single volume (one-space living suite) with an enclosed bathroom. The main volume of the house is surrounded by an arched arcade, which defines a shaded veranda between the two.

Materials Concrete cast in place, the upper level is finished in painted plaster, the lower level finished in local stone excavated from the land.

'Green' design The house combines traditional and modern architecture with subtle passive solar features. On the south facade, the house has a greenhouse for pasive solar heating, and in the north a clerestory window, which enables a stack effect and passive cooling in the summer.

The house was completed in 2009.