Tsemah residence

Identity A two two-family detached house with great views towards Jerusalem. Being in close proximity to Jerusalem, the design aimed to borrow from the traditional elements of Jerusalem architecture, such as the use of different color stones (c.15 Mameluk architecture) and a solid volume, reminescent of the traditional c.19 century houses in Jerusalem (Talbiye, German Colony, etc.).

Organization The trapezoidal plot, required a design strategy that would prevent a house facade in a zig-zag shape. The way this was solved was the creation of two units comprising of two elements: a rectangular volume and an octagonal volume. The first is faced on the Hebron stone in a taltish finish, the second in an alternating Bir-Zeit grey stone and Hebron stone of musamsam finish. Between the two units - which were identical to the division of the two houses - there was, a 'break' in the alternating grey-white stone. Internally, the houses were organized as follows: living spaces on the ground floor and bedrooms in the first floor. Shelter and service spaces in the basement.

Materials Concrete cast in place, YTONG blocks, local stone facing.

The house was completed in 2001.