Rodiou-Jessen residence
Aghia Faneromeni, island of Aegina

Identity A permanent residence, located in Aghia Faneromeni, Aegina, surrounded by open land of pistachio trees and enjoying breathtaking views of the sunset behind the island of Moni.

Organization The house is organized in two buildings: the guest house and the house proper. The house consists of two parts: the single story part with the bedrooms and kitchen/dining, and the two storey part with the living and office. The house has a basement for storage and other uses.

Materials Concrete cast in place with stone masonry construction, fully insulated. Part of the stone was excavated from the land.

'Green' design This is a fully 'green' house. It has been designed and oriented based on the sun path, the southern facade has integral pergolas that shade the house in the summer, and its narrow depth allows for natural lighting and natural ventilation throughout.
The house has an underground water cistern, like the old Aegina traditional houses, as Aegina has water supply problems. Sometimes in the summer, water supply cannot meet demand. The water cistern collects approx. 30-40 cubic meters of water annually, which is used to water the 4,000 sq.meter garden.
The house is fully insulated and has thermo-break wooden windows and doors. It is naturally ventiallated and cooled by geothermy - instead of air conditioning.
The house has two energy fireplaces for winter heating, burning biomass (tree logs). Water is heated by two flat-mounted solar heating panels on the roof.

Design process commenced in 2004. Construction was completed in 2008.
In 2008 the house was selected to be studied by a student of architecture in the UK, who will monitor its energy conservation performance. The results will be posted on this webpage.