Louvi-Kalyvas residence
New Haven, CT

Identity A loft renovation in an apartment building in the city of New Haven. A loft belonging to a couple with lots of books, and a life-style that is relaxed and comfortable.

Organization The renovation of the loft started with an open floor which was 'sculpted' into a living space for this couple. The driving force were the books and a desire for 'openess'. The space is organized by bookshelves and by low walls that organize living but do not restrict the views. There are constantly open views to different areas of the house, as one progresses through the house. Views and light, make the movement through this loft quite connected to the daytime and city outside.

Materials White-painted sheetrock and wood, with the brick wall fihishes exponsed inside the house. The idea was to create a fine and refined finish for the interior divisions, and connect that to the rough and 'wild' finish of the brick building itself. Telling also the storey of the brick building itself.

'Alternative' design This loft was not a 'green' design in terms of energy use and ecological thinking, although it is a project that suggests a different way of living, one of 'openess', flow and balance. The open spaces and access to natural light, certainly reduce the energy needs for lighting, almost 25% of energy consumption in buildings.

The renovation was completed in 2004.