Azoulay residence
Moshav Tifrah, Negev

Identity A residence for a large family, requiring extended spaces but yet, necessry to comply to built area restrictions by the local authorities. A house that takes its inspiration from the local desert Architecture, of low volumes, courtyard organization, extensive shading, maximization of natural ventilation, and wise use of the thermal mass..

Organization The house is organized in one storey around a central open-air courtyard. In addition, the house has a basement with a shelter, and a first floor study room, which will also be used as a prayer room, and therefore it is oriented towards Jerusalem. The house is organized in wings, including the public realm (guest house/office), kitchen, dinning and living room, the parents unit, and two units for the boys and girls of the family. Each of the children units has the sleeping area also organized around a more public area, used for studying and playing.

Materials Concrete cast in place, concrete blocks, use of 5 cm EPS insulation, and earth plaster.

'Green' design Bioclimatic design maximizing shade, natural ventilation, night cooling - through insulated thermal mass, and natural daylight by wrapping the rooms around the open-air courtyard. The family is investigating the possibility of intergrating renewable energy PV panels on the roof, and geothermal heat-pump for heating and cooling.

The planning process started in 2010. The house is under construction.